That which is Everything, can be Anything.


It came to me the other day,

That Which is Everything,

Can Be Anything. 

Yet, there is a relatively narrow band of items that are used to represent the Universal Principle or Ground Of Divinity.

Why does the serpent pop up in religions all over the world and throughout time, even though these cultures could never have communicated or influenced each other? Why is water part of most every religion from the beginning of time? Why do we frequently see ladders, rainbows, or spirals associated with the divine?

Could it be that we are like the blind men of the ancient Taoist parable, when they examined the elephant? What if these men battled over who was right? It seems absurd to declare just one attribute as the “true nature,” when all they had to do to gain a true understanding of an elephant is to combine their observations.

Could there be a method to the madness? Is it possible to stop the conflicts between the belief systems of the world? Is combining the realizations of the different belief systems the way to understanding and enlightenment?

In order to create a full picture of the Divine, it is important that we include everything. To leave one thing out would make our picture incomplete. Just as we cannot exclude the description of the elephant’s ear in the above parable, we cannot exclude any one spiritual belief system. We cannot continue to drive unfamiliar spiritual systems into extinction. Every time we do so, knowledge is lost. It takes hundreds if not thousands of years for these realizations to resurface because like every life form a spiritual realization needs a specific environment for it to be born, flourish, and bear fruit.

Is it possible to identify the patterns and put the pieces together into a single model that incorporates every belief system? Can we find an equation that is similar to E=MC2 that describes everything spiritual?

What do you think?


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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3 comments on “That which is Everything, can be Anything.
  1. Zeeshan says:

    You are right. To what I think is that there would be a specific pattern about which all of these mysteries would be solve. God created everything with in a pattern and so is this, when ever someone gets near that pattern he’s dead and that’s exactly where the spiritual journey starts.

  2. Perhaps E=MC2 should be reinterpreted so that in addition to it’s meaning of “energy equals mass times the speed of light squared”, we also see it as “Emptiness equals the spiritual beliefs of the Masses times the speed of light squared.” That way, no one can lay claim to being the soul source recipient of God’s word and we can all agree that even our combined knowledge of God still falls short of what God is.

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