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Have You Ever Noticed the Role Reversals of Both Joseph and Mary in the Nativity Story?

It seems that both parents of Jesus were quite radical. The society that Mary and Joseph lived was completely legislated. There were rules and laws for everything. The atmosphere of judgement was so thick that most Jews of the time

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Playing in the Mystical Chemistry Set

It is important to understand the benefits and dangers of playing with the Divine Energies of Fire/Kundalini/Red Dragon and Water/Grace/White Dragon. Both powers kill or heal depending on the situation and the personality type of the initiate. Every spiritual system


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Service vs. Slavery

The difference between slavery and service is the difference between “Have To” and “Want To”.  When “Have To” becomes “Want To”, then Samsara and Nirvana or Earth and Heaven become one, which is what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom

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Adam and Eve: A Mystical Prospective.

The story of Adam and Eve is quite deep. From a mystical point of view, they are the soul’s twins. Jung states that we each carry an Adam (animus) and an Eve (anima) within our psyche. If you are only

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Where is Heaven?

Heaven is like a Visa Card: “It’s everywhere you want to be.”

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Are we Christians suffering from Ānanda syndrome?

There is a Buddhist story about Siddhartha Gotama’s cousin Ānanda. Twelve years after Siddhartha Gotama became an enlightened teacher known as the Buddha, Ānanda ask to be a disciple. One of the conditions Ānanda made was that he wanted to be

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History vs. Myth

I find that the confusion between history and myth comes from a mixing and mismatching between physical human history and the mystical experience. It is a very typical mistake. I must say that I’m inclined to stick with the scientific

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