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Lucifer vs Satan

In pre-Christian times, when the dual nature of the divine was honored, the archetypes of Lucifer and Satan were distinctly different.  The Lucifer archetype was depicted as a man, while the Satan archetype was always depicted as a woman. In

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The Science Behind the Scare Tactics of an Evangelical Hell House

I have seen several reports from leading psychologists who are decrying the use of Hell Houses, by many Evangelical congregations. The common age for churches to first introduce the Hell House to its members is age 12. They say that

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Inside the Vesica Pisces

I have been looking further into spiritual geometry and building architecture. In Leonardo DiVinci’s time, it seems that all spiritually based buildings have a square, which symbolizes the earth or worldly realm, as the base and a dome, which symbolized


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A Spiritual Trinity Hiding in Plain Sight

How many times have I seen this figure in spiritual sights throughout the world? Yet, I have never contemplated the makeup or the meaning of this shape. Someone on my favorite forum asked what this shape meant. It was not

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Why is John the Baptist Confused?

In Luke 7:18-35, an odd story is told. John the Baptist sends a delegation to Jesus and has them ask Jesus if he is the “Expected One” or Messiah. Then, Jesus goes on to praise the prophetic qualities of John

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