A Riddle

Car engine

Today, I have a riddle for you.

There are two cars.
Both cars are mechanically sound.
Both cars are in need of fuel, so they are taken to a gas station.
Both cars are filled with gas.
When the first car is started, it roars to life and drives off.
When the second car is started, it chokes and dies and never gets out of the parking lot.

Why did one car die and one car roar to life? Why would putting gas in a car that is mechanically sound cause it to choke and die?

Could it be that there are different types of gas? Could it be that there are different types of cars?

The answer is yes!

If you guessed that one of the cars was a diesel, then you are right. Putting regular gas into a diesel powered car would damage the engine and cause the car to choke and die. While putting gas into a regular engine would make that car roar to life and travel another 300+ miles down the road.

The same is true of spiritual initiation.

There are two types of personalities

  • The Creative and The Intellectual.

Each requires a different Divine Energy to run properly.

  • The Creative Type is powered by Grace.
  • The Intellectual Type is powered by Passion/Kundalini.

When the master initiates the wrong energy, the initiate cannot function properly. They do not have an experience that inspires them to reach further or delve deeper to develop their spirituality. They are not able to travel the road of enlightenment. They just choke and die at the site. They require much maintenance just to get back to regular functioning, because improper initiation can bring on many psychological and physical health problems.

Many times those who have been hurt by religion despise spiritually altogether. They consider all religion a heinous parasite of which humanity needs to rid itself. This in itself is sad, because that which makes us human – that which designates our species as “Homo” – is the striving to integrate ourselves into the sacredness of life by using metaphor and ceremony. The earliest documented ceremonies are burials. The use of red ocher, beads, flowers and other sacred objects placed with the remains marks the difference between human and ape.

When spirituality is rejected, then the means to enhance our humanness and humaneness is forever lost.

For those who seek:  Know thyself!

  • For then, you will be able to discern which teachers and practices will enhance your spiritual experience.

For those who teach, lead or mentor: Know thyself AND Know your student!

  • For then, you will be able to discern which students will benefit from your style of teaching and practices.
  • Only those who fully understand both personality types and the methods of enhancing both of the Divine Energies should be allowed to initiate anyone.

One size does not fit all. It is time we stop assuming that there is only one type of “car.”


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website. http://www.JesusWedding.com

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7 comments on “A Riddle
  1. silentwindofchange says:

    Yes, yes, heinous parasite is a good description 🙂

    Thank you, very good perspective.

  2. new desert says:

    Hello dear Mischa,

    This is Gilles aka new desert emailing. Thanks very much for this beautiful metaphor, which echoes what I read on your blog early May – “The archeological evidence confirms that there is a basic two-fold energetic system that explains the multiplicity of human spiritual development and belief.”

    My question is, how do you learn about these two types of personality, or this ‘two-fold energetic system’?

    I assume, by reading your book, Jesus’ Wedding? I checked Amazon and it seems to be available via Kindle only.

    As to religion, which I practiced assiduously at some point in my life, I had a vivid realization a few years after leaving it (religion) behind. I didn’t understand what had happened to me towards the end of 2007, and reading the quote I am sharing below was extremely liberating.

    In Love & Light

    [Gilles] One of the most meaningful realizations I’ve ever had occurred a couple years later when, reading the following quote from Anne Hillman (Awakening the Energies of Love), I discovered why this rupture had happened.

    “It wasn’t until my mid-forties that I mentioned my dilemma with the church to a colleague who’d once been a Dominican priest. He told me the story of a beautiful tree in the center of a garden, surrounded by a high stone wall. He likened the tree to a person searching for the sacred, and the wall to the boundaries defined by her religion.”

    He concluded by saying:

    “The tree needs to grow out of the garden. Its branches need room to expand and spread wide. They need to reach far outside the garden’s walls, for they cannot be contained by the wall’s limits. But the tree always remains rooted in the garden.”

    • Jesus’ Wedding says:

      Dear Gilles,
      Thank you for the kind story!

      I have been a lover of ancient cultures from a very young age. It seemed that what was considered right by one culture was very wrong by another culture. Then there is the ancient egyptian culture that did several reversals throughout the recorded time before Cleopatria. (The silver pharoah is a prime example. Search youtube for the documentary. Many of the symbols we associate with Christmas were used by this pharaoh.)

      The best examples of the two-fold energy system are displayed by the ancient Greek and Roman cults. They are divided into men’s cults and women’s cults. When you compare and contrast the ideals and practices of these cults you see a distinct division. The women’s cults are all about marriage and giving birth, while the men’s cults are about killing ego and righteous use of power.

      Christian religion honors both systems to this day with the celebration of both Christmas(birth of the divine within) and Easter(the death of the ego).

      Another way to glipse the different energy systems is to compare and contrast eastern vs western religion.

      I am currently writing a follow up series of four books. It seems that my first book Jesus’ Wedding packed too much information into a space that was way too small.

      I will also do my best to get a print version of each of these books published at the same time. The biggest issue is that the diagrams really need to be in color to be understood. Color diagrams makes a book very expensive to print and thus costs more than most people are willing or able to pay.

      I will be announcing the publication dates of each book on this blog and on my author website. http://Www.MischaAlyea.com

      Keep searching! Keep questioning!


      • new desert says:

        Thanks, dear Mischa,

        I will certainly investigate further, both Egyptian pharaohs and Greek vs. Roman civilizations; that being said, I can add one dimension which seems to go along the same dividing line, and that is of Affiliation (relation-oriented, feminine quality or nurturing tendency) and Achievement (the more masculine, leadership and action-oriented tendency). This is a dichotomy we use in the field of intercultural relations and it makes a lot of sense to explain differences across cultures.

        I believe we all borrow from these two tendencies and that may be the reason why I feel a bit inclined toward the Way of Passion, at times, and a bit toward the way of Grace, at other times. I am a very logical, intellectual person, yet highly value relationships.

        All of this certainly needs to be explored further, and I will keep listening and digging!

        I appreciate the information about your follow-up books and will be checking your website. Good luck with the work!

        In Love & Light,


      • Jesus’ Wedding says:

        Dear Gilles,
        I agree with the dividing dichotomy you are using in the intercultural relations field.
        I really like labels that are being used here. The ancient cultures divided along physical body style – man vs woman. This is why the male cults were very different than the female cults. In ancient Roman society it was against the law – you could lose your citizenship – if a man joined a female cult like the cult of The Great Mother.

        Today we know that there is more to a personality than physique. Our brain orientation, right-brained vs left-brained personalities, also needs to be considered. If you go by biblical statistics 2/3 of women fall in the Affiliation category and 1/3 fall into the Achievement category. 2/3 of men are Achievement oriented and 1/3 are Affiliation oriented.

        King David falls into the 1/3 of men who are Affiliation oriented. He was a shepherd – nurturing a flock, only by the Grace of God did he kill Golith, he had an affinity for music and poetry, he was unable to organize a huge project like building the temple. Just to name a few. These characteristic points would have been noticed by ancient audiences who heard the stories of King David.

        The one thing that marks society up until now is that the culture was either matriarchal or patriarchal. Ye who go against the grain of a society are deemed dangerous. Check out one of my earlier posts called, “Why did the Greeks kill Socrates?

        We need to find a way that these diametrically opposed belief systems can work together and understand that both are needed and valid. We can’t keep wiping out those who don’t believe in the same ways we do. My hope is that this understanding will bring an end to the religious strife we see in the world today.


      • new desert says:

        Thanks, dear Mischa, for yet another generous answer.

        Interesting that you mentioned biblical statistics. Are those stats still good nowadays, or were they only good back then? It would be interesting to know that children being born now are according to the 1/3 2/3 proportions (i.e, 1/3 of boy with feminine orientation, and 1/3 of girls with masculine orientation).

        To piggyback on what you said, I believe there are people “wired for the feminine” and others “wired for the masculine,” irrespective of gender. That question has puzzled me since the time I took a test in a sociology class in college 30 years ago that showed that I was the most ‘feminine’ in the class out of all the guys. Interesting. The reason for this orientation is becoming clearer as I mature and learn about my mission in this world.

        I also thing that the present Aquarian Age is offering greater opportunities for ‘feminine personalities’ to expand and express themselves, while more patriarchal energies are beginning to seriously subside–knowing there are deeply entrenched in most of our institutions.

        It will obviously take a while for all of this change and manifest and “take over” princess Gaia.

        Love & Light,


      • Jesus’ Wedding says:

        The first thing to understand is that the ancients were well versed in archetypes. They understood that mythical/mystical stories were to be interpreted metaphorically. They did not have to have physical proof of an event to consider a story true. The stories were analysed for meaning both personal and societal not scientific proof.

        With that said, the 3 in 1 archtypical formula was always applied. Mary the mother of Jesus was a Maiden, Mother, and a Mentor (to John the beloved disciple).

        Joseph was the Righteous, the Compassionate (by accepting and raising Jesus as his own son). The final segment was taken up by Joseph of Arimathea who placed the Dead Jesus in the tomb he himself carved out – was the Redeemed, who was then in possession of both the holy Spear and the Holy Grail.

        Are the statistics true today? Yes, if you are using metaphor.

        Then we come to the nature vs nurture question. Is mindset hard wired? Or is mindset a result of cultural conditioning?

        Women in the US today are educated my masculine standards and only succeed when they conform to the masculine ideals. Even Disney is following this trend with its release of Frozen and Malificent.

        The roles of Mother and Homemaker are not considered titles worthy of progressive up and coming women. So, i do not believe studies will reveal that 1/3 of women have a masculine mindset. There will be overwhelmingly more women declaring that they are Achievemnet based due to educational practices and the social stigma given to motherhood and homemaking.

        A sad but true fact.


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