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A Spiritual Trinity Hiding in Plain Sight

How many times have I seen this figure in spiritual sights throughout the world? Yet, I have never contemplated the makeup or the meaning of this shape. Someone on my favorite forum asked what this shape meant. It was not

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What if the mother Oedipus married was the Great Mother?

In order to make this hypothesis, it is important to lay a foundation of basic understanding. First, there are two distinct and opposite Ways of spiritual development. The Way of Passion, which requires the shedding of ego through the uprising

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Creation from the Feminine Point of View: Bringing Forth the Best Possible Outcome

This world is dual. All things, ideas and processes have opposites. There is the masculine which gives or issues forth and the feminine that accepts or receives. When we form a vision then create that outcome, this is the animus-based

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Learn the 1/2 Minute Meditation Secret!

1/2 Minute Meditations Anyone can do Anywhere: A simple practice to calm emotions and sharpen focus or expand intuition and enhance creativity

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The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

The First of our Mystical Transformation Series

Light through the Trees

Meditation Journal


Meditation Journal

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