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Vestal Virgins – Keepers of the Pure Flame.

In ancient Rome, the keepers of the city’s flame were 6 women, known as the Vestal Virgins. They were of various ages, but every one of them was required to remain a virgin for the entire length of their 30-year

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It’s Wedding Week

The term “Wedding” is a metaphor for the ceremony that anima-based personalities participate in as the first step along the spiritual path. In the book of John, Jesus participated in such a ceremony. Which is why I named my book Jesus’

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People Management: Emotional or Anima-based Personalities

Creativity without a structure is just potential, an expansive black blob of hysterical emotion. Signs of an immature or unbalanced Anima-based Personality These people are like a flood – they scatter or dissipate resources Are ruled by what the crowd


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Creation from the Feminine Point of View: Bringing Forth the Best Possible Outcome

This world is dual. All things, ideas and processes have opposites. There is the masculine which gives or issues forth and the feminine that accepts or receives. When we form a vision then create that outcome, this is the animus-based

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Opportunity knocked and “I” missed it: A Tale of The Ego vs. The Egoless.

When I look back over my life, it seems that I have been thrown out of every spiritual group I ever became involved in. Can I be such a horrible person that no one wants me around or that I

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The Mystical Meaning of Giving Birth to a Son or Daughter

Jung tells us that we all have both the creative feminine (anima) qualities and the intellectual masculine (animus) qualities within our psyches, but we have a tendency to favor either the anima or the animus side. The process of integration

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How will Jungian Theory effect Biblical Interpretation?

How will the Jungian idea, which states that the inner being or soul has both masculine and feminine qualities, change the interpretation of Jesus’ message? For most Christians, it is the resurrection of Christ that exemplifies the spiritual quest. We

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