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Jesus’ Wedding Book Release

It’s Finally Here! Jesus’ Wedding by Mischa V. Alyea   Jesus’ Wedding assembles elements from every belief system to create an easily understood model that explains the mystical experience of spiritual development. Following this model, it is possible to draw


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Medusa and John the Baptist: Could there be a Connection?

There have been all kinds of speculation about the severed head that was reportedly used in Templar rituals. Many have linked this head with John the Baptist. Why would any group worship such a gruesome relic? It seems to me

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Adam and Eve: A Mystical Prospective.

The story of Adam and Eve is quite deep. From a mystical point of view, they are the soul’s twins. Jung states that we each carry an Adam (animus) and an Eve (anima) within our psyche. If you are only

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The Princess and the Pea: A Test of Authenticity

I love fairy tales. In fact, fairy tales relate to the archetypes and the operation of the spirit. They are much like the myths of the past, because we continue to pass them down through the generations. The meaning of

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