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Genesis as Geometry

There is a method to the madness in the spirituality and religious realms. Just as God ordered the heavens and the earth or the outer realm, so did He order the psyche or inner realm. Understanding the inner dynamics of

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Adam and Eve: A Mystical Prospective.

The story of Adam and Eve is quite deep. From a mystical point of view, they are the soul’s twins. Jung states that we each carry an Adam (animus) and an Eve (anima) within our psyche. If you are only

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Learn the 1/2 Minute Meditation Secret!

1/2 Minute Meditations Anyone can do Anywhere: A simple practice to calm emotions and sharpen focus or expand intuition and enhance creativity

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The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

The First of our Mystical Transformation Series

Light through the Trees

Meditation Journal


Meditation Journal

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