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The Grail Path as Arrived!

Now Available on:



The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

Mystical Transformation should never cause catastrophic psychological breakdown.

The Grail Path is an ancient system of inner transformation developed specifically for creative and emotional personality types.

In this book, the creative-emotional person and the trained spiritual advisor will learn:

  • Why ego-killing spiritual transformation systems are detrimental to the physical, psychological, and spiritual health of creative-emotional personalities.
  • The four basic personalities that are encompassed within the creative-emotional personality category.
  • The natural progression of inner transformation for a creative-emotional personality.

The Good News is:

If you have experienced an energy imbalance then the devastation can be reversed. Spiritual practices and rituals are designed to invoke and enhance one of the two Divine Energies. By changing the practices and rituals you can change the energy that runs through through the spiritual system.

I know this because I have done it. The first time took me 10 years. The second time took me 5 years. The third time took only 12 weeks to recover and rebalance my energies. You can do it for yourself or as a spiritual professional you can help others reverse the damage and reach their highest spiritual potential.

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A Riddle

Car engine

Today, I have a riddle for you.

There are two cars.
Both cars are mechanically sound.
Both cars are in need of fuel, so they are taken to a gas station.
Both cars are filled with gas.
When the first car is started, it roars to life and drives off.
When the second car is started, it chokes and dies and never gets out of the parking lot.

Why did one car die and one car roar to life? Why would putting gas in a car that is mechanically sound cause it to choke and die?

Could it be that there are different types of gas? Could it be that there are different types of cars?

The answer is yes!

If you guessed that one of the cars was a diesel, then you are right. Putting regular gas into a diesel powered car would damage the engine and cause the car to choke and die. While putting gas into a regular engine would make that car roar to life and travel another 300+ miles down the road.

The same is true of spiritual initiation.

There are two types of personalities

  • The Creative and The Intellectual.

Each requires a different Divine Energy to run properly.

  • The Creative Type is powered by Grace.
  • The Intellectual Type is powered by Passion/Kundalini.

When the master initiates the wrong energy, the initiate cannot function properly. They do not have an experience that inspires them to reach further or delve deeper to develop their spirituality. They are not able to travel the road of enlightenment. They just choke and die at the site. They require much maintenance just to get back to regular functioning, because improper initiation can bring on many psychological and physical health problems.

Many times those who have been hurt by religion despise spiritually altogether. They consider all religion a heinous parasite of which humanity needs to rid itself. This in itself is sad, because that which makes us human – that which designates our species as “Homo” – is the striving to integrate ourselves into the sacredness of life by using metaphor and ceremony. The earliest documented ceremonies are burials. The use of red ocher, beads, flowers and other sacred objects placed with the remains marks the difference between human and ape.

When spirituality is rejected, then the means to enhance our humanness and humaneness is forever lost.

For those who seek:  Know thyself!

  • For then, you will be able to discern which teachers and practices will enhance your spiritual experience.

For those who teach, lead or mentor: Know thyself AND Know your student!

  • For then, you will be able to discern which students will benefit from your style of teaching and practices.
  • Only those who fully understand both personality types and the methods of enhancing both of the Divine Energies should be allowed to initiate anyone.

One size does not fit all. It is time we stop assuming that there is only one type of “car.”

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That which is Everything, can be Anything.


It came to me the other day,

That Which is Everything,

Can Be Anything. 

Yet, there is a relatively narrow band of items that are used to represent the Universal Principle or Ground Of Divinity.

Why does the serpent pop up in religions all over the world and throughout time, even though these cultures could never have communicated or influenced each other? Why is water part of most every religion from the beginning of time? Why do we frequently see ladders, rainbows, or spirals associated with the divine?

Could it be that we are like the blind men of the ancient Taoist parable, when they examined the elephant? What if these men battled over who was right? It seems absurd to declare just one attribute as the “true nature,” when all they had to do to gain a true understanding of an elephant is to combine their observations.

Could there be a method to the madness? Is it possible to stop the conflicts between the belief systems of the world? Is combining the realizations of the different belief systems the way to understanding and enlightenment?

In order to create a full picture of the Divine, it is important that we include everything. To leave one thing out would make our picture incomplete. Just as we cannot exclude the description of the elephant’s ear in the above parable, we cannot exclude any one spiritual belief system. We cannot continue to drive unfamiliar spiritual systems into extinction. Every time we do so, knowledge is lost. It takes hundreds if not thousands of years for these realizations to resurface because like every life form a spiritual realization needs a specific environment for it to be born, flourish, and bear fruit.

Is it possible to identify the patterns and put the pieces together into a single model that incorporates every belief system? Can we find an equation that is similar to E=MC2 that describes everything spiritual?

What do you think?

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There is only One God

It seems to be an amazing fact that no one has heard about. There is only One God.
Have I missed a memo? While it may seem that Abraham was the first person to declare this fact, I don’t believe that his vision speaks to what I am saying. Abraham’s vision would become known as the Hebrew god. Granted, his vision of One God was very different from the norm of the time. Polytheism was the common practice of the day. The God of Abraham is not just a singularity, but also a God separate from the gods of other communities. So when you look across the landscape of the region, there would be the Canaanite God and Abraham’s god. That is two Gods. What happens you add the Christian God, the Islamic God, the no God of the Buddhists and on and on? Now, there are many Gods in the world.
How could there be only one God when the descriptions, theology, and worship practices throughout the world are so different? It is like looking at the same statue from many different angles. What we see and concentrate on will differ depending on which angle we view the statue.
Let’s take the iconic Statue of Liberty.
Would a person viewing the statue from the ground have the same view as a person viewing the statue from the air? Would a person viewing the statue from the back see the same view as the person viewing it from the front? Would a person who saw the statue as an immigrant in the early 20th century have the same emotional experience as a native-born citizen? Yet, they are all viewing the same statue.
I’m saying that there is One God. Every religion in every culture from every era of humankind has worshipped, honored, and delved into the nature of this one and only god.
I have participated in many a worship service that proclaims this fact, but do we really live from this truth? How could we kill another in the name of the One true God when there is only one god? In order to justify such violence, it would be necessary to consider my god better than your god. Here again, there are two Gods in the picture, mine and yours.
If we lived from the realization that there is just one god, it would not be possible for anyone to declare war for religious reasons. Ethnic cleansing based on religion would stop.
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My Little Video

Come see the YouTube video of the model I created.

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The Fabric of Life – Is the Left-Hand Path the Wrong Way?


Earlier this month I was reminded of the medieval May Pole celebrations that occur on the 1st of May. The memories of my childhood celebrations of new summer dresses, flowers in our hair, and dancing the May pole in the back field came flooding back into my mind.

For those who have never seen or heard of the May Pole dance, let me give a little explanation. A large pole with multiple streamers attached at the top was erected in an open area. The streamers are twice the length of the pole and the number of streamers attached determines the number of dancers.

The dance is set up by placing the dancers so that there is male, female, male, female all the way around the circle. When the dance begins, the women take 2 steps toward the pole and turn to face the men who now form the outer circle. When the music starts, the inner circle of women moves to the left while the outer circle of men moves to the right. As you reach each partner the ribbons are alternately moved over or under to move to the next partner. The effect is to “weave” the ribbons around the pole and create the Fabric of Life that covers the central pole. When the dance is complete, the ribbons stay woven once the dancers drop the ends.

An adult revelation occurred from these fond memories. This dance requires that one half of the dancers move to the right and one half of the dancers move to the left. If everyone moved in the same direction, then nothing would be woven. It would be just a swirl of ribbons that would immediately unwind once the dancers released them.

In so many spiritual writings, I have seen the Left-Hand Path deemed as wrong or the way of terrible sin. This is true for ego-based personalities who become arrogant when Grace is infused. However, the emotion-based personality needs and thrives in an atmosphere of increasing Grace.

Chapter 42 of the I-Ching tells us that, “The One gives birth to The Two.” Duality is a fact of existence. Unlike the divine, the spiritual seeker begins in the realm of multiplicity and must work backwards to The One. The main goal of spiritual development is not to ignore or banish one of the divine energies in order to create The One. The goal is to unite, marry, or weave these two energies into a wholeness or Holiness.

The Left-Hand Path is the yin to the Right-Handed Path’s yang and a necessary part of the universal duality that creates our world.

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