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There is only One God

It seems to be an amazing fact that no one has heard about. There is only One God. . Have I missed a memo? While it may seem that Abraham was the first person to declare this fact, I don’t believe

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The Optical Illusion

There is a mysterious realm that is the undercurrent of all life. It is the quantum world of the soul. It is a place where energies become archetypes and understandings can be explained only through metaphor. It is a place

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Why is John the Baptist Confused?

In Luke 7:18-35, an odd story is told. John the Baptist sends a delegation to Jesus and has them ask Jesus if he is the “Expected One” or Messiah. Then, Jesus goes on to praise the prophetic qualities of John

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Are all religions cults?

All religions began as mystery schools or cults. These groups designed systems of belief and worship that enhanced the human experience by balancing the spiritual energy system, so the soul could open to the realm of the universal. Each system was

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The Dangers of Metaphor – Mismatching Mystical Realm and Physical Reality.

The Law of Sympathy, which means that the inner and outer worlds are connected, is an idea that has been handed down through the ages. The ancients believed that the inner realm could be influenced by outer actions and that

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How does one Discern the Difference between Truth and Superstition?

I was asked in another forum, “What is the difference between legitimate belief and superstition? The first answer is that all belief must use metaphor in order to transmit an indescribable mystical experience or spiritual understanding that has presented itself


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