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Was Jesus a Feminist?

In a Time Inc. Special magazine entitled, Jesus, Susan Haskins, author of Mary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor is quoted as saying: “I know that some people do not think so, but I think Jesus was a feminist.” In this case,

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Jesus did not marry because He was a “Shetukhi” or Silent One

We have all heard about the new discovery of the fragment of papyrus that references Jesus’ wife. Many have asked why wouldn’t Jesus be a married man? Then, go on to imagine that the only person mentioned in the Bible

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Service vs. Slavery

The difference between slavery and service is the difference between “Have To” and “Want To”.  When “Have To” becomes “Want To”, then Samsara and Nirvana or Earth and Heaven become one, which is what Jesus referred to as the Kingdom

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Are we Christians suffering from Ānanda syndrome?

There is a Buddhist story about Siddhartha Gotama’s cousin Ānanda. Twelve years after Siddhartha Gotama became an enlightened teacher known as the Buddha, Ānanda ask to be a disciple. One of the conditions Ānanda made was that he wanted to be

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