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Creation from the Feminine Point of View: Bringing Forth the Best Possible Outcome

This world is dual. All things, ideas and processes have opposites. There is the masculine which gives or issues forth and the feminine that accepts or receives. When we form a vision then create that outcome, this is the animus-based

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Joseph Campbell

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Freewill or Destiny? Which is the correct perspective?

The correct perspective between Freewill or Destiny is determined by your personality type. Both are correct for the matching personality type. Both are wrong for the opposite personality type. Those who are ego based will most likely pick freewill. The

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A Paradox – The White Rose both the Alpha and the Omega?

So, let’s imagine that two people were going to drive the full length of I-55 from Chicago to New Orleans. One will start from Chicago and the other will start from New Orleans. While they are both traveling the same

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The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

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