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Water vs. Blood: Which is the most Holy offering or gift?

In Genesis 4: 2-4 we are told that Abel is the keeper of flocks and Cain is a tiller of the ground. Cain brings offerings of fruit of the ground and Abel brings firstlings of his flock. This is pretty

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Interesting mystical discoveries found in the Mayan glyphs

One of the six cradles of early civilization is found in Mesoamerica. Mayan culture is just one of the many cultures to inhabit this region of the globe. What fascinates me is the undeniable similarities between these six regions and

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Attainment in Black and White

When reading the sacred scriptures of many different cultures, it astonished me that the end result of spiritual practice resulted in two very different outcomes. For some, the final attainment was to be filled with light such as the Transfiguration

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Playing in the Mystical Chemistry Set

It is important to understand the benefits and dangers of playing with the Divine Energies of Fire/Kundalini/Red Dragon and Water/Grace/White Dragon. Both powers kill or heal depending on the situation and the personality type of the initiate. Every spiritual system


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The Divine Powers

There is a method to the madness in the spiritual and religious realms. Just as God ordered the heavens and the earth or the outer realm, so did He order the psyche or inner realm. Understanding the inner dynamics of

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