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Egyptian Valley of the Kings – Those who must descend into Hell.

In the last post, I posited that the pyramids were the earliest renditions of what would later be known as Kabbala’s Tree of Life. This is the traditional Way of the King or Way of Passion/Kundalini. The earliest known myth

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Was the Great Pyramid meant as a depiction of Kabbala’s Tree of Life?

Ancient Egyptian history is divided into two very distinct eras, the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom. Each of these eras had very distinctive and opposite burial practices. The Old Kingdom pharaohs built pyramids. The word pyramid comes from the

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The Trick Question: Are human beings playing God when they develop technology?

First off, I have to say that no one can be God. Regardless if you believe that there is an old man with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds or if you believe mystical experiences are

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