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Vestal Virgins – Keepers of the Pure Flame.

In ancient Rome, the keepers of the city’s flame were 6 women, known as the Vestal Virgins. They were of various ages, but every one of them was required to remain a virgin for the entire length of their 30-year

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What snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

The tale of St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland is quite a mystery. Zoologists claim that snakes were never in Ireland. So, what snakes could St. Patrick have driven out? We know that St. Patrick converted the

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The Science Behind the Scare Tactics of an Evangelical Hell House

I have seen several reports from leading psychologists who are decrying the use of Hell Houses, by many Evangelical congregations. The common age for churches to first introduce the Hell House to its members is age 12. They say that

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Today – An Affirmation

Dear Holy Presence, I thank you for filling me with Your Light, Your Life, Your Energy, Your Love. I thank you for all that You give me, both the seen and the unseen. I thank you for Your guidance, for

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People Management: Emotional or Anima-based Personalities

Creativity without a structure is just potential, an expansive black blob of hysterical emotion. Signs of an immature or unbalanced Anima-based Personality These people are like a flood – they scatter or dissipate resources Are ruled by what the crowd


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