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Jesus did not marry because He was a “Shetukhi” or Silent One

We have all heard about the new discovery of the fragment of papyrus that references Jesus’ wife. Many have asked why wouldn’t Jesus be a married man? Then, go on to imagine that the only person mentioned in the Bible

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Holy Spirit vs. The Dual Powers of Grace and Passion

I have always contemplated the Holy Spirit as something above the dual natures of Grace/Light/Reiki (Energy of The Father or The Sky) and Passion/Blood/Kundalini (Energy of The Mother or The Earth or Ground). While Grace and Passion can either kill

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People Management: Emotional or Anima-based Personalities

Creativity without a structure is just potential, an expansive black blob of hysterical emotion. Signs of an immature or unbalanced Anima-based Personality These people are like a flood – they scatter or dissipate resources Are ruled by what the crowd


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The Grail Path: Achieving Mystical Transformation for the Creative and Emotional Person

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