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The Fabric of Life – Is the Left-Hand Path the Wrong Way?

  Earlier this month I was reminded of the medieval May Pole celebrations that occur on the 1st of May. The memories of my childhood celebrations of new summer dresses, flowers in our hair, and dancing the May pole in

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Why is everyone ELSE a Heretic?

  Throughout human history there has been the spiritually righteous and the heretic. What if there was no such thing as a heretic? What if the belief system that the heretical they followed was just as valid as that of

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The Road Runs Both Ways

    Why does universal agreement on spiritual ideology seem impossible? What is causing so much disconnect between not just the different sects of the world but also between the different denominations within each sect? Why did the followers of Jesus feel


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The Optical Illusion

There is a mysterious realm that is the undercurrent of all life. It is the quantum world of the soul. It is a place where energies become archetypes and understandings can be explained only through metaphor. It is a place

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