Was the Great Pyramid meant as a depiction of Kabbala’s Tree of Life?


Ancient Egyptian history is divided into two very distinct eras, the Old Kingdom and the New Kingdom. Each of these eras had very distinctive and opposite burial practices.

The Old Kingdom pharaohs built pyramids. The word pyramid comes from the word “pyro” meaning fire and “mid” meaning center or middle. So, the word pyramid literally means fire through the middle. Originally, the Great Pyramid had a shiny white casing that symbolized the return of the spirit to the body. That return brought the Power of Grace down into the physical realm and blessed the nation. This is why it was so important for the pharaoh to have a proper burial, complete with a perfectly proportioned resurrection machine.

If you look at the chambers of the Great Pyramid, you will see that they closely correspond to the circles along the central channel of Kabbala’s Tree of Life. The underground chamber matches the base of the tree known as 10 Malkuth or Kingdom. The Queen’s Chamber corresponds to 9 Yesod or Foundation. The King’s Chamber corresponds to 6 Tephareth or Beauty. The Pinnacle of the Pyramid corresponds to 1 Kether or Crown.

The shafts correspond to the connections of the central channel of the tree to the outer circles. The Star Sirius was considered the star of Isis. This star, which is directly connected to the Queen’s Chamber, corresponds to 8 Hod or Splendor. The constellation of Orion, which is directly connected to the King’s chamber, was considered Osirus. Orion’s belt corresponds to 5 Gebrunah or Severity. Alpha Draco, which was the North Pole Star during the time the pyramids were built, corresponds to 4 Chesed or Mercy. Kochab is the brightest star in the constellation of the little dipper and corresponds to 7 Netzach or Victory. This group of stars was known as The Indestructibles, because they never disappeared from the sky throughout the year.

The Great Pyramid does not have any type of painting or decoration on the inside walls. The Egyptians of the time believed that the monument itself insured the resurrection of the pharaoh. It is not until the 5th Dynasty that the tomb walls contain writings that are known today as the Pyramid Texts. These texts describe the upward journey of the spirit to the stars. This spiritual journey matches the animus-based personality’s quest to shed ego and Kabbala’s Passion/Kundalini based spiritual system. The building of the great pyramid, with the Tree of Life incorporated into the design, pre-dates Gilgamesh, the earliest known spiritual journey myth, by more than 600 years.

While there are those who connect the Pyramid Text writings with extraterrestrials, the intent of these writings is the metaphorical and esoteric journey of the resurrected soul. Mixing spiritual metaphor and physical reality creates the most insane of speculations.

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