The Trick Question: Are human beings playing God when they develop technology?

First off, I have to say that no one can be God. Regardless if you believe that there is an old man with a white beard sitting on a throne in the clouds or if you believe mystical experiences are just a combination of chemicals in the brain, it is not possible for any human being to be God. Anyone who thinks they are God is deluded and needs psychological help.

Here are the two basic belief systems that have guided mankind throughout the ages.

There is the Divine Right of Kings. The fact that there are those few who have gone through the spiritual training, fully shed ego, and become true stewards of God’s will on earth is a given fact throughout human history. This system creates a hierarchy of achievement that is culminated in the King, General of the Army, or Architect who is the chief judge, top warrior, or chief innovator. Such a man honors the Divine Feminine while balancing the forces of nature to benefit those in his community. The traits of “Wise,” “Just,” and/or “Second Sited” are attached to the character of such a man. This is the basic philosophy of the Way of Passion.

What happens we when a corrupt king, general, or architect comes into power? The masses are used for the aggrandizement of the leader or the wealthy. Quite an ugly situation for those on the lower rungs of society and it eventually leads to a revolt by the populous. (French revolution.)

There is the idea that we are made in the likeness of God. We have the ability to create as God creates. God has provided everything we need to solve every problem, situation, or circumstance. Why not go out and deepen our knowledge and find the answers to our problems. This philosophy believes that squelching the creative and innovative side of the psyche outright dishonors God. This is the basic philosophy of the Way of Grace.

We have ended polio, cholera, and the plague. We are working on the next generation of diseases like AIDS and cancer. We have created great cities with amazing engineering innovations. We have polluted the earth to the point of global warming and permanent devastation. We have also created the worst weapons and means of destruction ever known to man.

Without innovation, we would still think the world was flat and that the earth was the center of the universe. Without laws, limits, and boundaries, profit seekers and charlatans would devastate both the planet and violate the rights of all inhabitants.

It is time to blend the two philosophies and bring forth the best of both worlds.

We need the innovators to continue to create. We need the civic leaders to set limits on what will be allowed to continue. (I like the fact that no more incandescent bulbs or Teflon will be available after a certain date regulations because they create negative situations for the environment and to the health of humans.) We need the civic leaders to direct technological development in ways that use these new ideas for the good of all humanity and not for the protection of a small piece of soil or the profit of a small number of people.

Sorry, I’m not going to pick sides. I don’t want to go back to the good ole dark ages, nor do I want the further devastation of our planet or the rights of any creature violated.

The road runs both ways. It’s time we use both lanes.

My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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6 comments on “The Trick Question: Are human beings playing God when they develop technology?
  1. burningfl0wer says:

    Nice topic! Indeed we are just mere humans. Have you ever heard of theosis? Theosis is the goal orthodox Christianity, instead going to heaven or hell. One way of looking at theosis is that we humans need to be open towards receiving the energy of god. Thus becoming part of god, an instrument. If an individual could become an instrument of god every single action would be directed towards being. This means using ones passion motivated by grace.
    Wouldnt it even be greater if this was done by the society as a whole instead of one leader. This would result in an anarchy motivated by grace.
    Then what is this openness? Is it apatheia (no passions)? Or is it also possible to have passion and also have this space?
    You could see passions as taking in the space of our being. In order to have space a strategy is to first empty the passions.
    The drawback is that this makes us burnt out saints that can only be euphoric 24/7.
    This would be fine if the world was perfect, but it is not. If you really love god, maybe it is not smart to be ignorant about the problems in the world and hide in a safe monastery (not for to long).
    The openness that is needed could also be found in time. If you read Bergson (, it becomes apparent that this time is not the time we normally think of. Time we normally think of is thought of in spacial terms. The past has a length, this moment has a length, also the future. In reality time is only the change in space. Even if we look at a stable object, the internal perception will change because the perceiver itself changes. Also the passions are in time. If we are free in time it would mean that every emotion, thought, perception that we have is not captured in a rigid box that is closed to change. But that we (the box) continuously adjust ourself to become what we perceive. Which is in the end nothing more than the energy of god. Thus achieving theosis.
    The advantage of freedom in time instead of freedom in space is that we can be better instruments because we are not suppressing the passion. For example if you see an act against openness, you could even use your hate as a motivating force to do something about it because you love being with god so fiercely.

    • jesuswedding says:

      If there is not a leader, then there must be a mutually agreed upon purpose or mission statement for all actions to be judged by. This is a common practice. You will find this idea in the philosophy of taking a spiritual name. The name you choose (or that is chosen for you) is your guidepost for all actions. If your name is “Love,” then all actions need to be “loving.” Giving a child everything they desire is not loving, because children need limits and boundaries in order for them to become self disciplined.

      Yes, the world would be a better place if everyone was spiritually balanced and lived authentically. Until then, checks and balances must be used to keep anyone or any group of people from abusing power.

  2. janeadamsart says:

    Very interesting post and comment, thank you. Everything in our universe is under the law of centrifugal (passion, Yang) and centripetal (grace, Yin) – there is absolutely no escape from their interplay. We need to be open instruments to the will of God, with an accurate knowledge of our passions which so often confuse the issue.

    • jesuswedding says:

      It amazes me that many believe that since there is only one god, then there is only one power and one way. Nothing could be further from the truth. Without yin and yang, there would be no diversity.

  3. burningfl0wer says:

    It would be a better place indeed. I really hope true spiritual anarchism will someday become the norm. Wouldn’t it be great? Just imagine the utter intensity you could live your live with. I just cannot express how much love this dream. If all my actions are aligned to reach this goal, then at least I will not suffer the pain of my own ignorance.

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