Why is everyone ELSE a Heretic?

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Throughout human history there has been the spiritually righteous and the heretic. What if there was no such thing as a heretic? What if the belief system that the heretical they followed was just as valid as that of the righteous? The thought that there is no right or wrong path is in itself heretical.

The earliest known Christian document opens with the acknowledgement of the two ways. The Didache fully endorses the Way of Life and bans the Way of Death for all those who are entering the Christian faith. When we live in a black and white world, there are those who are right and those who are wrong.

Why must we live this way? What event(s) caused people to draw a line in the sand and defend their territory?

The answer lies in the simply complicated energetic world of the spirit. Since the energetic world is invisible to the uninitiated, the majority of people had to rely upon those who were deeply involved in the matters of the divine for guidance. When we study the myths, practices, and rituals of the different religions and belief systems, we find the two distinct spiritual paths that are described in both The Didache and the I-Ching*.

These two paths are direct opposites and are mutually annihilating. This means that if someone moves from one path to the other all previous spiritual attainment will be lost. It is as if the soul is reset to zero and the practitioner must begin again. This reset can happen by jumping from one spiritual system to the other or when the opposite belief system is forcibly imposed by society or change of leadership.

Here is where it gets complicated.

If the path the person was on WAS NOT right for them, bringing in the opposite divine energy would feel like getting a new life or liberation.

Martin Luther broke away from the Catholic Church because he did not believe that a person was born purely good and that the soul is like a mustard seed that should be watered or fed. He believed that the flesh was evil and that ego must die before the soul could be considered good. This is the The Way of Death referred to (and banned) in The Didache.

Martin Luther focused on the rebirth after the crucifixion. To kill the ego and to be “Born Again” is the main concept he advocated. This is one of the concepts that splits the Christian faith into Protestant vs. Catholic.

If the person WAS ON the path that harmonized with their personality, then bringing in the opposite divine energy would be feel like a violation of the soul and psychological devastation would be the result.

The Inquisition and the Crusades were all created to abolish those who posed a threat to the psyches of the Catholic faithful.

What proper leader would let their population be violated and devastated? Protection of the people and the territory of the belief is the most basic tenant of compassionate leadership. (Let’s leave the political maneuverings and power games to another discussion. Let’s just assume that the leadership in this case is compassionate and well meaning.)

In both cases the offending party would be considered a heretic and dubbed the Anti-Christ, worthy only of loathing and destruction. It is only natural to hate that which wounds and damages.

The time has come for the people of the world to rise above the small villages of our little selves and see the need for both paths in this world. When the beauty and benefits of the psyche’s dual sacred nature becomes universally accepted, spiritual conflict will no longer create animosity and divide the populations into warring sects.



*I-Ching Chapter 42: 1-6
The Way gave birth to one.
One gave birth to two.
Two gave birth to three.
Three gave birth to all things.
All things carry yin and embrace yang.
They reach harmony by blending with the vital breath.





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