It’s Wedding Week


The term “Wedding” is a metaphor for the ceremony that anima-based personalities participate in as the first step along the spiritual path. In the book of John, Jesus participated in such a ceremony. Which is why I named my book Jesus’ Wedding.

However, this week my husband and I, along with our extended family, are celebrating the upcoming nuptials of our daughter.

Have a great week and I will return to posting by mid September.

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What snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King o...

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King of Ireland. Stained glass, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Macon, GA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tale of St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland is quite a mystery. Zoologists claim that snakes were never in Ireland.

So, what snakes could St. Patrick have driven out?

We know that St. Patrick converted the native Celtic culture. We can determine that the Druids practiced a Passion-based spiritual system that strives to raise the Passion/Kundalini. They sacrificed animals and maybe even people. They participated in mass rituals of a sexual nature. They worshiped the sun. Grace was the culmination of their practices – the harvest of the mistletoe, which had white berries.

The snake is the main symbol for the Divine Power of Passion/Kundalini. It represents both the divine energy and the mindset that accepts and bases the teachings and practices around the Divine Power of Passion.

So, the snakes that St. Patrick drove out were the rituals and teachings of the Druids that permeated the Celtic society..

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The Rapture: Is it real? When does it occur?

English: An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating...

I have been watching YouTube videos of Dr. Michael Heiser’s lessons on The Rapture. They are very informative. I did not know that there are so many theories concerning this event. I must commend Dr. Heiser for his non-committal to any one theory. As he says, all of them may be right. This is the true answer.

It seems that The Rapture consists of 3 parts: The Rapture itself, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ. It is the order of these elements that composes the different theories surrounding The Rapture.

Both The Apocalypse and The Rapture are meditative experiences, period.

Both are metaphorical, not physical.  Only those who have reached a certain level of prayer or meditation will experience The Rapture and/or The Apocalypse.

I’m sorry, but at no time will anyone physically disappear from the earth. There will not be a mass disappearance of the population causing numerous accidents all over the globe and it does not matter if Solomon’s Temple is reclaimed and physically rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Here is why.

The universal model of spiritual attainment contains 2 distinct paths that are mirror images of each other.

The Anima-based personality – Birth of the Spiritual Being  AKA: The Grail Path, The Virgin’s Path, The Way of Grace

This path begins at the crown chakra. Once the crown chakra is opened, Grace then flows down into the inner sanctum slowly cleansing the inner being or soul. Once the soul is fully cleansed and full of Grace, the divine gives the purpose of one’s life. This is known as the Immaculate Conception. The average time it takes for Grace to cleanse the soul is 20-30 years. Once the task is accepted the root chakra opens to allow Passion/Kundalini to rise up through the soul and give the adherent the power to accomplish this given and accepted task. The full attainment of Passion happens within “A twinkling of the eye,” because the inner being is totally empty, like a womb. At this point, nothing and no one can stop the adherent from accomplishing this task, not even death. This is why martyrdom was so prized in ancient times.

In this scenario, there is no Tribulation and the spirit is not broken. The soul grows slowly over time like a mustard seed in the earth of the womb. While the person will encounter hardships and setbacks on the road to accomplishing their task, they will have all the Grace and Passion they need to accomplish their divine mission. The Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ are one and the same event. If there has to be a separate Rapture event, I would have to say that it occurs after the death of the body. Elisha, Jesus, and Mother/Virgin Mary were all documented cases of people seeing the spirit rise to the heavens.

The Animus-based personality – Death of the Ego  AKA: The Path of the King, The Hero’s Journey, The Way of Passion/Kundalini

This path begins at the base chakra. Once the base chakra opens, Passion or Kundalini then flows up into the inner sanctum, slowly burning away the ego that has built up within the soul. This process is very stressful for the individual, both mentally and physically. It feels like everything you know and love dies. The Book of Job gives the full expression of not just the inner events but also the common reactions of those who are friends and spouses. This suffering is The Tribulation. The average time it takes for the Passion to burn off the entire ego is 7-10 years. When the Ego is fully gone, Passion burns open the crown chakra.

At this point, the spirit rises into the heavens and meets Jesus in the air. (The Rapture) Jesus is the Prince of Peace, which is an attribute of Grace.  Grace then pours into the hollowed out tomb, blessing the soul and forgiving all sin. The process of blessing and forgiving gives birth or new life to the inner spiritual being, or rebuilds the Temple of God. It takes on average 10-15 years to rebuild inner spiritual being or in the case of Job, grow a new family.

In this scenario, the Tribulation is fully experienced. All who go through this process are grateful for all the trials that show them the error of their ways. The Tomb can only be carved out through this process. You will know them by the fruit of their spirits: ability to forgive and to serve.

The only possibility for The Rapture to happen half way through the Tribulation is to completely drop the Ego in one swoop. There has to be a significant incident in one’s life for this to happen. This incident can be either a random horrific occurrence or an artificially created ritualistic event. (The Evangelical Hell Houses and the Freemason initiation with the noose around the neck come to mind.) The mind cannot tell the difference between real and created.

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Please explain what you mean by Esoteric.

In the last post, it was important to understand the nature of the twin or dual spiritual paths* in order to interpret the deepest meaning of the parable. It is important to comprehend that both paths are legitimate ways of spiritual development. The psychological makeup of the seeker determines which path will bring about the beneficial result of psychological and spiritual enhancement.

* The dual or twin paths are:

The Way of Grace, Grail Path, or Virgin Path – Grace or Water is fully integrated followed by the rising up of Passion/Kundalini or Fire


The Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King – Passion/Kundalini or Fire fully burns off the ego followed by the falling of Grace or Water

Notice that the twin paths are mirror images of each other. They use the same two energies, but incorporate them in a different order.

The exoteric or outer path is always the first path in the series. This is the path of the masses. Once an adherent has completed this path, then and only then are they allowed to walk the esoteric or inner path.

This is why only an accomplished knight (Warrior) was allowed to seek the Grail or follow the Grail path. Yet, the Grail Path is also the Virgin Path or Way of Grace.

So, here is the dilemma. The exoteric path of the King/Warrior is the esoteric path Virgin/Grail.  AND the exoteric path of the Virgin/Grail is the esoteric path of the King/Warrior.

So just saying that you are following an esoteric path tells me nothing, because in this case the first is last and the last is first.

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Fire from Water: The Way of the True God According to Elijah

Elijah window

In I Kings chapter 18 Elijah, the only prophet left of YHWH, lit a sacrificial alter with water. The scientists have worked out how Elijah made fire from water, but understanding the physics of this act does not give the deepest meaning this story was meant to provide.

It seems to me that the Old Testament, when viewed from an overall perspective, is a description of the spiritual system. The walls of Jericho symbolize the entrenchment of ego. The battles for the Promised Land are the struggles we have with personal issues once the ego has collapsed. What could be the meaning of Elijah creating fire coming from water?

Elijah is a prophet. He knows and understands the spiritual system. The spiritual system requires that a person choose a path* and follow it to completion. Since the twin paths annihilate each other, swinging back and forth between the two paths leads to a confusion that makes it impossible for anyone to find salvation or enlightenment.

Elijah is trying to make a point to the people of Israel. The Israelites have strayed from the teachings of Moses and are now worshipping Baal and Asherah alongside YHWH. These two systems of worship are not compatible and this is what upsets Elijah. So he proposes a “contest between the gods” so the people can choose which god they will follow.

Each group is to build an alter to their god, place an ox upon it, and ask their respective god to light the sacrificial flame. The prophets of Baal and Asherah are unable to make their alter spontaneously alight, after hours of prayers, chanting, ecstatic dancing, and cutting themselves. The priests of Baal are following the precepts of the Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King. The burning of the ego removes the issues from the inner sanctum. When the crown chakra is finally opened, the holy water or Grace falls from the heavens to fill the spiritual system. This path brings salvation or forgiveness.

Elijah then builds his alter and places the ox upon it. What happens next is quite strange. He tells the people to pour water upon the alter. The alter spontaneously bursts into flames and consumes the offering. The people are astonished and declare that the god of Elijah was the god that they would worship from this time on.

What Elijah was demonstrating are the precepts of The Way of Grace, The Grail Path or the Virgin Path. The cleansing of Grace or holy water opens the inner sanctum. When the base chakra is finally opened, the holy fire spontaneously ignites and rises within the spiritual system. This path brings enlightenment.

Now I must say that Elijah had a bit of an advantage. He repaired an alter that had been burnt by the prophets of Baal. Most likely this alter had been originally made of limestone. (burnt limestone = quicklime) He probably dressed the oxen offering in the gold of the gods. (sulfur)  And poured a mixture of water and naphtha, an ancient form of kerosene, over the whole thing.  For those who are not chemistry savy, quicklime + sulfer + napthta = what the ancients call “Automatic Fire.”

* The dual or twin paths are:

The Way of Grace, Grail Path, or Virgin Path – Grace or Water followed by Passion/Kundalini or Fire


The Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King – Passion/Kundalini or Fire followed by Grace or Water

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Soul Writings


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Lucifer vs Satan

Lucifer, by William Blake, for Dante's Inferno...

In pre-Christian times, when the dual nature of the divine was honored, the archetypes of Lucifer and Satan were distinctly different.  The Lucifer archetype was depicted as a man, while the Satan archetype was always depicted as a woman.

In the dualistic methodology, balance is key.

The imbalance or the overload of one energy is what causes the “evil” archetypes.

The Divine Masculine energy is what we call Grace or The Light. This energy is given by or falls from Father Sky. It was believed that all men were naturally endowed with this masculine energy of intellect and logic. Initiating the upward rise of the Divine Feminine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. We see this practice played out in the king’s requirement of  ‘Honoring the Goddess’ in an annual ceremony in ancient times. The king who did not honor the goddess or who did not initiate the Kundalini to rise within his spiritual system was deemed an evil king. The overload of Grace creates the Lucifer archetype of the evil king.

The Divine Feminine energy is what we now call Passion or Kundalini. This energy is given or rises up from Mother Earth. It was believed that all women were naturally endowed with this feminine energy of creativity and emotion. Bringing down the Divine Masculine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. Ancient rituals included marriage to the male godhead as the first step of the spiritual path. (This ceremony is still performed today when a Catholic nun takes her vows.) An overload of Passion or Kundalini creates the Satan archetype. Every culture has a wrathful goddess who rampages and destroys.

When Judaism and later Christianity moved to having only one god, the mechanism of enlightenment for the dual personality types was lost.

This is what created the schism between the apostles of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Jesus was hailed as the Prince of Peace. Peace is the fruit of Grace. Jesus’ life is an example of the Grail Path, which has the crucifixion and resurrection as the final act. Jesus’ apostles were preaching this system of attainment. (This is why Jesus’ following is known to include and empower both women and slaves at a time when women were no more than property.) Paul on the other hand was teaching that crucifixion or the killing of ego should be the first step along the path of attainment. This appealed to those of the Roman society, which was a warrior culture that worshipped the emperor. This led to the many different interpretations of what Jesus’ life and teaching meant.

In the time of Constantine, all doubt as to Jesus’ message was erased and the Way of the King or Way of Passion was installed as the main edict of Christianity. That means that the purpose of the church was to raise the Kundalini within the systems of all the congregants. Within 100 years of this change, all women were removed from spiritual office, most likely because women become crazed, vengeful, or hopeless when their systems are overloaded with Kundalini. The overall reputation of women becomes one of mistrust and disgust because it was believed that those who were crazed by the initiation rites were filled with so much sin that nothing could save them.

It has taken 2000 years for women to come out of this Dark Age and we are still fighting the war on women to this day.

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The Science Behind the Scare Tactics of an Evangelical Hell House

English: Souls being led out of Hell by Jesus

I have seen several reports from leading psychologists who are decrying the use of Hell Houses, by many Evangelical congregations. The common age for churches to first introduce the Hell House to its members is age 12. They say that this is the best age to get the message of Jesus across. The psychologists, on the other hand, are claiming that the early exposure to such a distressing event leaves lifetime scars. Patients are unable to concentrate or mentally focus, they constantly worry about everything, and must fight depression and unworthiness, all of which are symptoms for post-traumatic distress disorder.

Who is right?

Well we can look to the historical past for answers to this question. In many early societies the right of passage into adulthood occurred at the age of 12. Girls were married off as soon as they reached menses and boys were initiated into manhood at about the same time. The method for bridging boys and girls was VERY different.

Traditionally, girls were individually initiated immediately after their first period. For the most part they are put in a small dark space for up to a week to contemplate what this biological change means to their new life as an adult.

The answer is that they have the power to create.

So, they must accept responsibility for all they do. Anything and everything that they do today has consequences for tomorrow. Like a “wave” that goes around a stadium, that which is started will ripple throughout time and through the whole society. A woman’s first and main duty was to bring the next generation into the world. Mother is the first teacher throughout the formative years of life. We know today that psychologically an infant is a blank slate. Everything a parent does or does not do is imprinted upon the psyche of the child. The ancients understood this concept better than then general population today.

The anima-based or Grace-based personality naturally sees from the universal prospective, so a fear-based right of passage is not only unnecessary but also very damaging to the psyche. The Greeks describe the violent upsurge of Kundalini within a Grace-based personality as rape. The result of such an incident is a horrible creature. The Greeks call her Medusa. The Hindu’s call her Kali. The Polynesians call her Pele. The ancient Egyptians call her Sekhmet. All are the portrayals of the Goddess of Rage. It could also be described as “The slaughter of the Innocence.” Jesus states in the parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matt 13: 24-30 not to dig out the weeds until the full harvest has ripened. What Jesus is articulating is the proper methodology for allowing an anima-based personality to mature naturally.

However, boys were gathered into groups and put through an ordeal in order to achieve manhood. The Spartans are the most notorious for the brutality of their initiation rights. Yet, the walkabout imposed by the Australian Aborigines could be just as arduous. Every Hero’s Journey involved strenuous striving on the part of the main character.

The reason why boys were “Scared Straight” is because the animus-based or Passion-based personality must reach a point of repentance or acknowledgement that they don’t know everything in order for wisdom to begin to form.

The Kundalini is initiated in order for it to burn off the ego. Through the ordeal the initiate learns that there is always someone bigger than you who will exact punishment for non-conformity to social norms, whether it is the supreme commander, the environmental elements, or in the case of the Old Testament – God Himself. (We have to remember that only males were given education and access to the teachings of the Torah. Even they knew that such teachings were not appropriate for women.)

Joseph of Arimathea exemplifies the highest attainment in the trinity of manhood. Joseph repents his participation in Jesus’ crucifixion by offering his own tomb and handling the dead body of the Lord. This meant that Joseph was considered unclean and unable to participate in the high holy day of Passover, something that is extremely shameful and unheard of for an elder in the church. Yet in the process, the legendary tales tell us that Joseph attains both the Holy Spear and the Holy Grail.

Going back to the original question.

Are the Hell Houses used by the Evangelical churches to intentionally scare the youth into committing their life to Jesus detrimental to the development of the human psyche?

The ancients made the different distinctions by body style – male or female. Modern science has proven that just because you possess a male body doesn’t mean you are Passion-based, left-brained, or an animus-based personality. (Jacob – of Jacob’s ladder fame – is an anima-based personality.)

Not everyone needs a guided tour through Dante’s Inferno. This should be used as an intervention of last resort and not instituted as an activity for everyone. The scare tactics of a Hell House might benefit those with animus-based personalities who have shown tendencies to ignore the rights of others and who show no compassion for fellow citizens. Such an intervention could help to keep their Passions in check so that they use their energies in productive ways and not be destructive to themselves or anyone else.

A right-brained or an anima-based personality should never, never, ever be subjected to such an ordeal. All the ancient cultures said so and Jesus concurred.

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Inside the Vesica Pisces

I have been looking further into spiritual geometry and building architecture. In Leonardo DiVinci’s time, it seems that all spiritually based buildings have a square, which symbolizes the earth or worldly realm, as the base and a dome, which symbolized the spiritual or Godly realm, as the roof. Hence, the reason for drawing the Vitruvian Man. If man is the mirror of the cosmos or made in the likeness of God, then it should be possible to depict the body of a man within a squared circle, the place where the worldly and spiritual realms meet. This was the puzzle that Vitruvius had proposed, and Leonardo was the first to solve.

The other day I wondered what it would be like to stand inside the Vesica Pisces. I know that the Vesica Pisces is the intersection between the masculine and feminine energies of the personal consciousness. That which is inner is outer, right?

I played around with designs of boat shaped rooms and seating arrangements. I also looked for such structures on the Internet, with no luck. Surely, I am not the only one who wanted to stand inside the shape of where the personal consciousness was transformed.

Then it hit me. In our three-dimensional reality, this shape can be depicted as an American football standing on its end. That would mean that the shape of the Vesica Pisces would be vertical and not horizontal. What famous buildings incorporate a vertical arch placed upon a square base?

A Gothic Cathedral

While the overall layout of a Gothic Cathedral is in the shape of a cross, the inside is a series of square based three-dimensional arches. So, as you walk through the cathedral you move from one Vesica Pisces to the next. These buildings vibrate with a sense of holiness from the moment you walk into them.

Regensburg Cathedral

Regensburg Cathedral (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The cathedral windows are another clue. They are a two-dimensional depiction of the Vesica Pisces or arch above the horizon attached to a square or rectangle below the horizon.

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A Spiritual Trinity Hiding in Plain Sight

How many times have I seen this figure in spiritual sights throughout the world? Yet, I have never contemplated the makeup or the meaning of this shape. Someone on my favorite forum asked what this shape meant. It was not until the question was asked that I really looked into this shape and saw its deeper meaning.


I began with my favorite symbol: The Wedding Rings.  This symbolizes the personal spiritual realm or combining the masculine and feminine energies within one’s self.


Then I added the twin rings of Mother Earth and Father Sky that created heaven, earth, and underworld. These rings symbolize the universal spiritual consciousness.


When you combine these two sets of twins you get something that is very similar to Solomon’s Knot.

Slide1 4

When you place a vertical median line through the inner sanctum of the Wedding Rings and a horizontal line through the firmament you get an equilateral cross.


The final element contained in this symbol is the basic square, which symbolizes the earth or worldly existence.

Slide1 3

When you erase all the interior lines, you come back to the original shape.


So, this symbol is a trinity. It contains the worldly existence, the universal spiritual consciousness, and the personal spiritual realm.

You can be sure that the next time I see this shape it will bring significance to my experience, because I know the meaning of the shape.

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