Was Jesus a Feminist?

184075_10150257404517583_544672582_7962329_753028_nIn a Time Inc. Special magazine entitled, Jesus, Susan Haskins, author of Mary Magdalen: Myth and Metaphor is quoted as saying:

“I know that some people do not think so, but I think Jesus was a feminist.”

In this case, we need to understand the definition of feminist. In my opinion a feminist is one who thinks girls should be allowed to play on the boys football team. My thought is that a feminist is one who thinks that a woman should not only be allowed to compete with men, but should also want to. The belief that women should wage a social war on men in order to break the glass ceiling is abhorrent to me. As a child and young woman, I must admit that I participated in many a camp song that was basically male bashing. Thankfully, these types of songs have been retired in the camps I frequent.

While I would never want to deny any woman her dream, I also know that the average woman is both physically and psychologically different than the average man. This is something that cannot be ignored. This fact is honored by the Olympic tradition. Women compete in categories for women and men compete in categories for men. Why would anyone want to compete on an unfair playing field? I think it would make one quite frustrated and angry.

By the above definition of a feminist, I do not believe that Jesus can be categorized as a feminist. Jesus was not a male basher. The proof is in the 12 male disciples.

So, what is the point that Susan Haskins is trying to make? It is never smart to take anything out of context. Let’s go back to the complete quote.

            “I know that some people do not think so, but I think Jesus was a feminist. Early Christianity is a very different thing from the Christianity that we know of. Jesus cured ill women. He allowed them to become people who related His truths, like Martha of Bethany, and He forgave a repentant prostitute and told her to go away and sin no more, whereas the Pharisees were very negative about the prostitute, and rejected her, and implied that Jesus should not know her, that He should not allow her to touch Him because she was polluted. Yet He allowed her to touch Him, He forgave her.”

I’m thinking that the better word choice would have been that Jesus was a man who empowered women.

Nowhere in the Bible or any of the found ancient documents is Jesus portrayed as walking a picket line protesting for woman’s rights. Did Jesus help women and the oppressed? Yep! Did Jesus associate with women and sinners? Most certainly! Did he have and teach women disciples? The previously held traditions, which were taken from records that were expunged by the male dominated society of the time, are now being reexamined and reevaluated with the discovery and translation of the Nag Hammadi library, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and other archeological finds. We are finding that YES women did receive spiritual teachings and they were fully ordained to do baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

It is the Power of Grace that is the secret to Jesus’ success with women. Hailed as the Prince of Peace (Peace is one of the many Aspects of Grace) at His birth. This means that Jesus followed the spiritual path normally traveled by women. This spiritual path is known by many names: The Grail Path, Buddha’s Flower Teaching, The Way of Grace, The Path of Light, and The Secret of the Golden Flower. He was able to heal women because He was fully aware that women are powered or empowered by Grace and He was fully able to transmit the Power of Grace as well.

I do not believe that the Susan Haskins’ definition of a feminist would be,  “One who battles for equality.” When you take into account the whole quote, it becomes clear that Susan’s definition of a feminist is, “One who heals and empowers women.”

This I can whole-heartedly agree with.

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2 comments on “Was Jesus a Feminist?
  1. Mary says:

    Lovely blog entry. I appreciate your thoughtfulness about the relationship of Jesus to the women of his time.

    And, I must respectfully, fully heartedly disagree with your definition of feminism. As someone who had read feminist literature extensively and even published a little about feminism, I can confidently say that male bashing is NOT part of feminist theory or practice. At least not the best of feminism. And when I think of Jesus, and what he might have affirmed it is always the best of.

    with thanks for your thoughtfulness,


    • jesuswedding says:

      Well, I guess I am showing my age. I grew up in the 60’s when women’s rights was a battle ground issue complete with picketing, man-bashing, and demands for equal pay for equal work.

      Glad to hear that the best of feminism has left these tactics behind.

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