Male Dominated Religion?

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder why it is assumed that the religions of Abraham are considered male dominated religions. Women claim that the worship and structure within these religions are derogatory and psychologically harmful. The only substantiation for this claim is based on the fact that the supreme deity is male.

We must look to the universal spiritual model to see the whole truth.

In ancient times, people worshipped the divine as a duality. The masculine godhead or Divine Masculine was the metaphorical symbol for the Power of Grace, Light, Reiki, or Intellect, which was the blessing or curse of Father Sky. The feminine godhead or Divine Feminine was the metaphorical symbol for the Power of Passion, Kundalini, or Fire, which was the blessing or curse of Mother Earth.

It was further believed that men were naturally imbued with the masculine qualities of intellect at birth, while women were naturally imbued with the feminine qualities of passion or emotion.

Here is the main tenant of the dual religions:

In order for spiritual wholeness or enlightenment to occur, the adherent must cleanse the inner spiritual system with the Divine Energy that is opposite to the innate energy. This brings balance to the spiritual energies.

So a man, who was considered filled with Grace from birth, must initiate the rise of the Divine Feminine or Kundalini in order to bring oneself to wholeness or holiness.

However, a woman who was considered filled with Passion/Kundalini from birth, must empower the fall of the Divine Masculine or Grace in order to bring oneself to enlightenment.

So when we look at the complete picture, it reveals that spiritual systems that designate the divine to be masculine are systems that give the greatest spiritual benefit to those who have an abundance of Passion, Kundalini, or Fire. In ancient times these practices were reserved for women, especially those who were virgin priestesses.

However, psychology has gotten much more sophisticated in recent times with the advent of Myers-Briggs and other personality typing formulas. We no longer categorized personality types by body style. We have learned that the mind designates the style of practice that best fits an adherent. 2/3 of women and 1/3 of men fall into the category of feminine, creative, right-brained, or anima-based personality.

So, does a “male dominated religion” really run against the grain of most women?

The answer is: no.

In actuality, it is the masculine or animus-based personalities who should rebel against this spiritual system.

We find that Grace-based religion emasculates or enslaves those who have an abundance of Grace, Light, Reiki, or Intellect. These are the masculine, intellectual, left-brained, animus-based personalities. 2/3 of men and 1/3 of women fall into this category.


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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4 comments on “Male Dominated Religion?
  1. In terms of actual spiritual energy, you are right. St. Theresa of Avilla spoke of Jesus as her spouse, which all nuns were considered to be married to the church….but for her, it really was a love affair with the masculine, and in what could only be considered a fairly repressive society otherwise, Theresa was able to pursue her spouse, Jesus, in a very tangible way (just read her books on the subject). St John The Cross, though, could only experience his alignment to the divine by way of what I consider a gay relationship or as the father as his father but not the beloved (which is often considered the most intimate means of knowing union spiritually with that which is higher)…and so for those who align in that way, all the better, but hard for the rest of us. The problem though for women in the church is that the feminine was not given room to breathe; she was swept under the rug. What we ignore may still exist but we have shown we are exceptional at keeping things swept for centuries under our collective rug. That is beginning to change now, and I am very thankful for it. Very interesting take on all of this and is something I have pondered at length.

    • jesuswedding says:

      I think there is a bit of a misunderstanding.

      St. Theresa of Avila was an animus-based personality. She is part of the rare 1/3 of women who follow the Way of Passion, Hero or Warrior’s Path, or Way of the King. These are all paths that are traditionally traversed by men. Her writings are filled with the flame of love that rose up and burst open her heart. I find that most women saints fall into this category. She is describing the rise of the Divine Feminine or Kundalini.

      St. John of the Cross, like Jesus, was an anima-based personality. Both St. John and Jesus are part of the rare 1/3 of men who follow the Way of Grace, the Virgin’s Path, or Grail Path. This path is for those who are emotional and creative, which is traditionally traversed by women. The love St. John speaks of is agape love, not sexual love. Agape is another aspect of Grace. This love is cooling and refreshing. It is what got St. John through the imprisonment and the “Dark Night of the Soul.”

      It was the reference to the divine as “God the Father” in the original teachings of Jesus that empowered women. The blessing of Father Sky is Grace, Light, Agape. Grace balances the naturally hot feminine energies. History has shown that women took commanding roles in the early church when this aspect was in full force.

      It is too bad that women today do not understand this concept.

      What is created when the Divine Feminine is raised within an anima-based personality? A Goddess of Wrath – Kali, Pele, Sekhmet, and Medusa.

  2. St Theresa was able to express or experience a completion energetically of the archetypes of masculine and feminine because the religion was male dominated; the object of her union was male. John had to either experience this in his awakening as a father or in a homosexual context, and his writings do suggest this very strongly. The problem of not having a balanced religion as it relates to the archetypes that are within us is that if the culture is not balanced (and thus the religions reflect this) then there is something lopsided in the religions. And voila, you have it, in a religion that has denied the role of the feminine in mystical experience, effectively suppressing it. Women, then wind up feeling as though they do not have a voice in such a structure…..because they don’t. The men have been the leaders in the Christian church for a very long time. This tide is changing, but all you have to do is look at the orthodox church and look at how many women cardinals or bishops or popes there have been. It is for reasons such as these that women feel disenfranchised. Energetically, when a woman like Theresa awakens, she is much more free to express her eros or tantric experience because, after all, Jesus IS her spouse. God the father IS her spouse. She can’t wait to die so she can be with the two of them. Unbalanced cultures, unbalanced religions, unbalanced spiritual experience. Nothing in my experience tells me that spiritual experience is truly one-sided but seeks a balance….thus a balance found in the union of opposites as experienced in kundalini within ones self. One side of this is Ida and the other Pengali. One hot, one cool. Both men and women can embody it, but each will be drawn to the opposite regardless of orientation. Until this union is realized, there remains a yearning towards the “other” which in truth dwells within. All of this, in the “end,” a realization that we already ARE.

    • jesuswedding says:

      Spiritual understanding and worship will bring balance to the inner being when it is based on the Psychological make up of the adherent – not the whether someone has boobs or swings a third leg.

      1/3 of men are creative right-brained individuals. These men need to follow the Virgin Path, which worships the divine through the masculine aspect of God the Father, in order to bring balance because their inner essence is feminine. Both Jesus and St. John of the Cross fall into this category of men.

      The philosophy stated above is post-Constantine. All the symbolism of the original dual paths was twisted to match with the Roman ideal, which was a Kundalini based society. The Romans realigned the energies naming “The Christ” as masculine because Jesus was a man. Up until this time, all cultures designated “The Christ,” the flame, the Kundalini, the sword as the Divine Feminine because this force rose up from the earth or Great Mother. Eventually the original meanings that appear in ancient writings and the Book of Genesis were lost or forgotten.

      I do not feel that the philosophical model that Constantine created was the original intention of Jesus. Jesus was anima-based personality or from the psychological standpoint a woman. He created a spiritual system that used Grace or the Divine Masculine, symbolized by God the Father, that benefited the down trodden and women.

      Neither Jesus or St.John of the Cross are homosexual because their inner beings or psychological mindsets were feminine, thus they follow the path traditionally traversed by women in ancient times and refer to the divine through the masculine aspect.

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