Why the Greeks Killed Socrates

The Death of Socrates

In the book The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, H. L. Menchen does a complete synopsis of Nietzsche’s philosophy and lifetime of work. It seems that Nietzsche worked through the paradox of the Greek civilization and their creation of and their fascination with the dramatic tragedy in his book titled, Dionysus versus Apollo.

Apollo was the god of all art that was essentially contemplative and subjective, which is a correct representation of the Divine Energy of Grace. Bacchus Dionysus was the god of ecstasy and frenzy, which is a correct representation of the Divine Energy of Passion/Kundalini. Nietzsche claims that the Greeks swung from one side to the other throughout their history. I am not sure that this is true.

The Greek Tragedy is a story of purpose, destiny, or predestination.  The hero of the story realizes his Divine Purpose and then risks all to complete that task. In the ancient Greek culture, art, music, literature and later theater were considered the highest forms of sophistication and knowledge. These are the typical ideals of a Grace-based society.

All Art = Channeled Emotion

Art is all about feeling

The whole idea of art is to invoke a particular emotion using the parameters of a single art form. Sculpture cannot move, but the greatest art implies movement. Painting is done on a two dimensional medium, but the greatest art gives the illusion of three dimensions. Music must use voice or instruments. Dance is as much athletic as it is beautiful. Dramatic speaking was a required art form taught to all male aristocrats. The list goes on and on. All these elements are combined in theater where backdrops are painted, dancing and musical accompaniment is used to dramatize moments, and actors make dramatic speeches to demonstrate a story.  At the time of Socrates, Nietzsche claims the Greek culture was in one of these Apollo, artistic, or Grace-based periods in history.

Socrates was a classic Passion-based philosopher, which basically meant he was a bull in a china shop.

All Philosophy = Channeled Intellect

Philosophy is all about thinking.

The whole idea of philosophy is to invoke thinking. Deep questioning of why you do and believe such things? All thoughts must follow a linear pattern and come to a conclusion. Paradox or circular thinking is not allowed. Socrates not only questioned every fiber of the human existence, but verbally attacked everyone, including the high-powered elite, with questions concerning personal and social values and perceptions. Socrates’ whole premise was to emotionally unbalance all those who crossed his path.

He was a filthy man and shunned all the trappings of art, culture, and literature at a time when society idealized such things. He preached simplicity and the renunciation of all things, because the world was bad. Socrates considered this life a curse, while the Greek society worshipped life complete with all its trials.

Here is where the philosophy of the society clashes with the philosophy of the philosopher. These two basic philosophical styles cannot coexist without divine understanding by all parties. Due to the opposing and annihilating nature of the Divine Energies, issues and negative perceptions run rampant when societies and individuals of the different philosophical styles interact without the understanding of the universal dualistic spiritual nature of man.

Grace-based philosophers and their philosophies threaten Passion-based societies and personalities, because the pre-mature influx of Grace washes away all the hard earned Divine Energy of Passion from the spiritual system. This fundamental truth is fully demonstrated in Plato’s story of Atlantis.

Passion-based philosophers and their philosophies threaten Grace-based societies and personalities because the pre-mature influx of Passion kills the spiritual “fetus” that is growing within the soul. The loss of the previously accumulated Divine Energy of Grace, creates a hate-filled demonic being that is bent on death and destruction. This fundamental truth is fully demonstrated in the myths of Medusa, Kali, Pele, and Sekhmet.

Just as the Pharisees, a Passion-based society, condemned Jesus, a Grace-based philosopher to death and turned him over to the state to be crucified, so too did the Greeks, a Grace-based society, condemn and kill Socrates, a Passion-based philosopher.


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