What snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King o...

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King of Ireland. Stained glass, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Macon, GA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tale of St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland is quite a mystery. Zoologists claim that snakes were never in Ireland.

So, what snakes could St. Patrick have driven out?

We know that St. Patrick converted the native Celtic culture. We can determine that the Druids practiced a Passion-based spiritual system that strives to raise the Passion/Kundalini. They sacrificed animals and maybe even people. They participated in mass rituals of a sexual nature. They worshiped the sun. Grace was the culmination of their practices – the harvest of the mistletoe, which had white berries.

The snake is the main symbol for the Divine Power of Passion/Kundalini. It represents both the divine energy and the mindset that accepts and bases the teachings and practices around the Divine Power of Passion.

So, the snakes that St. Patrick drove out were the rituals and teachings of the Druids that permeated the Celtic society..


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