Fire from Water: The Way of the True God According to Elijah

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In I Kings chapter 18 Elijah, the only prophet left of YHWH, lit a sacrificial alter with water. The scientists have worked out how Elijah made fire from water, but understanding the physics of this act does not give the deepest meaning this story was meant to provide.

It seems to me that the Old Testament, when viewed from an overall perspective, is a description of the spiritual system. The walls of Jericho symbolize the entrenchment of ego. The battles for the Promised Land are the struggles we have with personal issues once the ego has collapsed. What could be the meaning of Elijah creating fire coming from water?

Elijah is a prophet. He knows and understands the spiritual system. The spiritual system requires that a person choose a path* and follow it to completion. Since the twin paths annihilate each other, swinging back and forth between the two paths leads to a confusion that makes it impossible for anyone to find salvation or enlightenment.

Elijah is trying to make a point to the people of Israel. The Israelites have strayed from the teachings of Moses and are now worshipping Baal and Asherah alongside YHWH. These two systems of worship are not compatible and this is what upsets Elijah. So he proposes a “contest between the gods” so the people can choose which god they will follow.

Each group is to build an alter to their god, place an ox upon it, and ask their respective god to light the sacrificial flame. The prophets of Baal and Asherah are unable to make their alter spontaneously alight, after hours of prayers, chanting, ecstatic dancing, and cutting themselves. The priests of Baal are following the precepts of the Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King. The burning of the ego removes the issues from the inner sanctum. When the crown chakra is finally opened, the holy water or Grace falls from the heavens to fill the spiritual system. This path brings salvation or forgiveness.

Elijah then builds his alter and places the ox upon it. What happens next is quite strange. He tells the people to pour water upon the alter. The alter spontaneously bursts into flames and consumes the offering. The people are astonished and declare that the god of Elijah was the god that they would worship from this time on.

What Elijah was demonstrating are the precepts of The Way of Grace, The Grail Path or the Virgin Path. The cleansing of Grace or holy water opens the inner sanctum. When the base chakra is finally opened, the holy fire spontaneously ignites and rises within the spiritual system. This path brings enlightenment.

Now I must say that Elijah had a bit of an advantage. He repaired an alter that had been burnt by the prophets of Baal. Most likely this alter had been originally made of limestone. (burnt limestone = quicklime) He probably dressed the oxen offering in the gold of the gods. (sulfur)  And poured a mixture of water and naphtha, an ancient form of kerosene, over the whole thing.  For those who are not chemistry savy, quicklime + sulfer + napthta = what the ancients call “Automatic Fire.”

* The dual or twin paths are:

The Way of Grace, Grail Path, or Virgin Path – Grace or Water followed by Passion/Kundalini or Fire


The Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King – Passion/Kundalini or Fire followed by Grace or Water


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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2 comments on “Fire from Water: The Way of the True God According to Elijah
  1. Koin Magus says:

    Yeah ouch! All that means is that it was a lie. God had nothing to do with it and men were killed over it.

    • Jesus’ Wedding says:

      If you believe that God is outside of you and that the stories and teachings are literal physical manifestations, then everything religion teaches is a lie.

      If you understand the story as a metaphor describing the process by which the inner sanctum is cleansed of issues or ego, then there was not a single physical human being killed. The only “persons” who died were error mindsets and issues. The main trick is that water brings fire. Jesus gave the exact same teaching at both the Wedding at Cana and the Last Supper. Bread or Water comes first and then the Wine or Fire.

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