Lucifer vs Satan

Lucifer, by William Blake, for Dante's Inferno...

In pre-Christian times, when the dual nature of the divine was honored, the archetypes of Lucifer and Satan were distinctly different.  The Lucifer archetype was depicted as a man, while the Satan archetype was always depicted as a woman.

In the dualistic methodology, balance is key.

The imbalance or the overload of one energy is what causes the “evil” archetypes.

The Divine Masculine energy is what we call Grace or The Light. This energy is given by or falls from Father Sky. It was believed that all men were naturally endowed with this masculine energy of intellect and logic. Initiating the upward rise of the Divine Feminine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. We see this practice played out in the king’s requirement of  ‘Honoring the Goddess’ in an annual ceremony in ancient times. The king who did not honor the goddess or who did not initiate the Kundalini to rise within his spiritual system was deemed an evil king. The overload of Grace creates the Lucifer archetype of the evil king.

The Divine Feminine energy is what we now call Passion or Kundalini. This energy is given or rises up from Mother Earth. It was believed that all women were naturally endowed with this feminine energy of creativity and emotion. Bringing down the Divine Masculine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. Ancient rituals included marriage to the male godhead as the first step of the spiritual path. (This ceremony is still performed today when a Catholic nun takes her vows.) An overload of Passion or Kundalini creates the Satan archetype. Every culture has a wrathful goddess who rampages and destroys.

When Judaism and later Christianity moved to having only one god, the mechanism of enlightenment for the dual personality types was lost.

This is what created the schism between the apostles of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Jesus was hailed as the Prince of Peace. Peace is the fruit of Grace. Jesus’ life is an example of the Grail Path, which has the crucifixion and resurrection as the final act. Jesus’ apostles were preaching this system of attainment. (This is why Jesus’ following is known to include and empower both women and slaves at a time when women were no more than property.) Paul on the other hand was teaching that crucifixion or the killing of ego should be the first step along the path of attainment. This appealed to those of the Roman society, which was a warrior culture that worshipped the emperor. This led to the many different interpretations of what Jesus’ life and teaching meant.

In the time of Constantine, all doubt as to Jesus’ message was erased and the Way of the King or Way of Passion was installed as the main edict of Christianity. That means that the purpose of the church was to raise the Kundalini within the systems of all the congregants. Within 100 years of this change, all women were removed from spiritual office, most likely because women become crazed, vengeful, or hopeless when their systems are overloaded with Kundalini. The overall reputation of women becomes one of mistrust and disgust because it was believed that those who were crazed by the initiation rites were filled with so much sin that nothing could save them.

It has taken 2000 years for women to come out of this Dark Age and we are still fighting the war on women to this day.

My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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2 comments on “Lucifer vs Satan
  1. silentwindofchange says:

    Very interesting, thank you.

  2. Pam Bickell says:

    Wow. This is so interesting and powerful. Thank you so much. I’m subscribing now.

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