Are all religions cults?


All religions began as mystery schools or cults. These groups designed systems of belief and worship that enhanced the human experience by balancing the spiritual energy system, so the soul could open to the realm of the universal. Each system was a unique formula created for a specific psychological trait or archetype. This means that any one religion was never intended for every person.

The progenitors of the legitimate spiritual systems followed the human psyche’s universal model. Just as Judaism required prophets to pass a test of legitimacy, so too should religions be required to pass the same test. That test consists of whether or not the religion uses the universal model of the psyche to enhance the human experience. Those that enslave a person to the guru or insight someone to violence Do Not pass the test of legitimacy.

Just being nutty doesn’t make a religion a cult, because what a person thinks is based on their internal psychological set-up. In the past the king or leader had full control and freely exerted their will throughout their area of influence. However, now kings have parliaments and CEOs have a board of directors that make such sweeping dictates impossible. This is why the pope resigned. I believe the cardinals ganged up on him and revolted against his actions that betrayed his unhumanitarian beliefs.

There is a method to the madness.

Here is the crux of the situation. The road runs both ways. Like Jacob’s Ladder, the angels are climbing both up and down the ladder. It is a fact that the Divine Spiritual Energies, Light/Grace and Passion/Kundalini can both kill and heal. Any system set up to balance one of the dual Divine Energies, will heal some and will confuse, infuriate, or outright kill the inner being of others. This is why we have such a schism regarding religious belief. Those that feel healed, love it. Those that feel nothing or have traumatic experiences, hate it.

This is why the Oracle at Delphi said, “Know Thyself.” If you join a group or are forced into a religion at a young age that is not compatible with your personal psychological make-up, your inner being will be destroyed by the practices and beliefs. That does not mean that that religion is bad or a cult, as long as it is has passed the test of legitimacy by using the universal human psychological model. It means that you were exposed to the wrong religion for you. (Once your inner being is destroyed then you are prime fodder for being manipulated, even to the extent of becoming a terrorist or suicide killer.)

The good news is that if by chance you have experienced a negative reaction to a religion or spiritual practice, it is possible to reverse the energies and heal. This is the meaning of  Jesus exorcising the demons from Mary Magdalene.

Just as religions should be screened for legitimacy, so too should members be psychologically tested to make sure their psychological make-up matches the belief system. This is what the gurus of old did. They understood the dangers of spiritual practice and did not accept students that were not a good fit. They knew that it was better to let a person stay as they were with the warts and blemishes of ego, than to destroy the psyche and create a being that was broken or dependent upon the master for everything.


For more information on balancing the spiritual system, here are the url’s to a couple of my earliest blogs:


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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5 comments on “Are all religions cults?
  1. kaycers says:

    This is truly insightful! I have been intuiting this sort of thing as I grapple with my own spirituality. I have never felt that any one religion “fit” my psychological, emotional, intellectual and spiritual needs. As a results I am sort of building my own spirituality…a way to connect to the Universe through prayer, meditation, yogic practice and study of all major religions and estoricisim, mysticism and shamanism. I really like what you have written here and hope to find more insightful articles as I follow your blog! Kudos, my friend!

    • jesuswedding says:

      So glad you stopped by!

      All this comes from some very painful and completely unnecessary spiritual experiences. My hope is that no one should have to go through what I did. Spiritual growth is a very natural thing when it is nurtured in the right ways and fed the right foods.

      What is unfortunate is that most religions do not understand the duality of spiritual development. So, they destroy the psyche of half of their congregation without even knowing it.

      • kaycers says:

        Thank you so much for sharing! I like your observation about the destruction of the psyche through misunderstanding duality. Alan Watts might agree with you, although he might say that is simply the approach an “immature” religion (i.e. new, young, developing) religion like Christianity might do. He is well versed in Tao and Buddhism and does a wonderful job bridging the gap between east and west. I’ve always found myself more comfortable with Taoism because I love how the Tao Te Ching unifies all dualities. ❤

        If you have never listened to any of Alan Watt's material here is a few recommendations:

      • jesuswedding says:

        I LOVE Allen Watts. Back when I was first starting out, I read everything of his that I could get my hands on.

        Glad to see that you are a fellow follower!

      • kaycers says:

        I have a few of his books at home waiting to be read. Thanks for making him relevant again. His work is always wonderful to revisit.

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