People Management: Emotional or Anima-based Personalities

Creativity without a structure is just potential, an expansive black blob of hysterical emotion.

Signs of an immature or unbalanced Anima-based Personality

  1. These people are like a flood – they scatter or dissipate resources
  2. Are ruled by what the crowd wants or is doing.
  3. They jump from idea to idea without completing any task or further developing any idea.
  4. Moves slowly or won’t make decisions in order to harmonize the whole situation
  5. Can’t or just don’t remember specific information
  6. Caring/Understanding is their motto
  7. Have sensitivity issues, so they tend to avoid crowds or be outright hermits.
  8. They have a tendency to be needy in relationships.

Management skills to use -How to Balance

  1. Ask, Ask, Ask –NEVER Demand or yell.
    1. The idea is to center this person not scatter them further.
  2. Provide a purpose
    1. They can’t read your mind
    2. The more concrete the better
  3. Make them include themselves in all considerations.
    1. Suffering is not necessary.
  4. Allow the natural consequences of the action or non-action to be the punishment
  5. Help them compartmentalize into tiny steps
    1. That way they won’t overload on the whole picture.
    2. Need to be kindly and lovingly channeled
      1. Nile in flood was used through channels to irrigate crops
      2. The Nile was worshiped for the bounty it provided
  6. Be as specific as possible, otherwise they will imagine what you want.  Uh Oh!!!
    1. Establish a parameter
      1. Provide mission, purpose, and need
      2. Designate their role in the project or community
      3. Set limits and expectations
  7. Provide resources to get information needed and those places that should be avoided.
  8. Encourage them to toot their own horn. They generally do not reach out to others, but people will not come to them if they aren’t aware of the skills or talents.
    1. Remind them of previous accomplishments
  9. The truly apathetic types – just keeping them moving by asking them, “What needs to be done next?”
  10. Prime the pump, draw them out- for those who just need a nudge
    1. Ask for their input
    2. Redirect misperceptions.
    3. Confirm final decisions either verbally or in writing.

Signs of a Balanced Water

  1. The ideas given are ones that are:
    1. Meeting stated objectives
    2. In a timely manner
    3. In an unattached attitude – here’s my idea you can use it or not. Doesn’t matter to me
  2. Are able to walk through the dark.
      1. Able to keep moving even when all elements are not visible.
      2. Have the faith that all will be provided or things will work out for the best.
  3. Are organized
  4. Look for purpose and walks away when they find none
    1. They live in the void, but know they can’t operate in one.
  5. Takes responsibility for their emotional balance
  6. Is honest with others about what takes them out of emotional balance
    1. Walks away-without blame or ongoing upset-when those requirements cannot be realistically met
    2. They can or have an established system to re-balance themselves when they are run over by the bus of their own emotions.

Results of Mismanagement

  1. When flooding water is allowed to run unchecked
    1. They become hysterical or helpless leaches
    2. They become pests or drop off the face of the world
  2. They are community driven, so exclusion without a stated reason creates these perceptions:
    1. They are being punished for actions unknown
    2. They are unwanted –a pest
    3. They are unqualified or stupid
  3. Fire boils water-Get too aggressive and you will be building a bridge over troubled water
    1. This inner emotional turbulence creates:
      1. Anger/BitternessTears
      2. Confusion/Anxiety
      3. Pout -They are unable or out right refuse to cooperate
      4. Uncontrollable fear
        1. They will run from you
      5. Apathy
        1. Completely drained of creativity.
    2. They justify these emotions with:
      1. I’m hurt or damaged
      2. They are so mean or uncaring
      3. I have no defense against them because, I am trying to be everywhere at once
      4. I am stupid.

Recruiting a Water Type

    1. Need a face to face personal request.
      1. They don’t have an ego, so they need someone to point out their connection to you and your idea, skills they possess, previous accomplishments and why they are the ones who are needed and/or wanted to do this.
      2. You don’t ask me, then it seems that you don’t need me. No problem. They know a cattle call will attract lots of other people. Plus, I’m already busy or I have many other outlets to express my creativity.
    2. Request needs to include job description, time commitment, and expectations.
      1. They are already emotionally attached. They wouldn’t be here if they didn’t care.
      2. Water types usually have many other people or organizations that require their attention, so consideration is highly valued.
        1. They like long lead times for events, so they can harmonized the work required with all their other chores and activities.
        2. They don’t like it when we have to drop everything just to fulfill someone’s every whim.
        3. They also like to know what is specifically needed so that they do not waste time doing unnecessary tasks, too much work or another person’s job.
      3.  They have every possibility at their disposal, so they need to be directed as to what is needed or wanted. (By the Grace of God, I can do anything.)
        1.  You don’t just tell a designer to redecorate a room.  You sit down with them and discuss your needs, your style, your time frames, your budget, and more.
        2. Once all the parameters are stated, then the creative person can make the personal decision as to whether they have the time and enough desire to commit to the project. (actually it is more like faith, because this as all projects will be a journey through the unknown.)

  Setting parameters does not stifle creativity; it hones a creative person into the harmonizing vehicle that they are meant to be.

Main Lessons to Learn

    1. Must learn to let go of the things and those you love without sadness, bitterness or regret.
      1. Tell it bye-bye. This is it’s home and it needs to stay here. (Small children in a store or someone else’s home.)
      2. Once a path is chosen or a decision is made, many doors of opportunity will automatically close. One must learn to accept this fact and move on confidently knowing:
        1. That God is always with you
        2. All is good.
        3. You are only one piece in the puzzle. Someone else will pick up what you must leave undone.
        4. The way unfolds as you walk.
        5. There is no finish line.  The pyramid will always remain unfinished.
          1. The end cannot justify the means when there is no end. All actions must be righteous, legal, just, fair, compassionate
        6. Thanksgiving – Thank the person or item for being here for you and teaching you lessons or giving you love when you needed it. Now, I let you go to do the same for others or to move into your next life.
        7. Give this person or thing the love/power to move to the next phase of their existence. – “Tibetan Book of the Dead” technique


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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  1. It was all over the place, but there are gems hidden in it. 🙂

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