Creation from the Feminine Point of View: Bringing Forth the Best Possible Outcome

This world is dual. All things, ideas and processes have opposites. There is the masculine which gives or issues forth and the feminine that accepts or receives. When we form a vision then create that outcome, this is the animus-based personality’s way of creating. First you want it and then put a plan in place to get it. This requires a straightforward way of being that is willing to narrowly   focus on a goal. While twists and turns do happen along the way, the goal remains the same throughout the process. The masculine creates from a goal.

However, there is another way, the feminine way, creation comes into existence. The anima-based personality creates from a problem or need. This is when a circumstance or situation falls into our lap. It is usually a challenge of some kind. We did not ask for this to happen, but it did. This is way of “Thy Will be done”. It is said that Mary conceived without sin. I take this to mean that she did not want this. She did not set out to create this situation. It was something that just happened and she accepted it.

The question then becomes whether we consider ourselves trapped in the bondage of our karma or if we willingly accept this as a creative challenge. This way of creating does not have a specific final goal in mind. This way focuses on what is currently available and allows the end product to shape itself throughout the process. It takes into account all of the real issues of life and molds them into a creation that serves a purpose or fulfills a need.

So the mindset of the creative personality in this situation is the key. It is accepting, trusting, and serving. I Accept this as my job or my lesson. I Trust that God will guide and protect me through the process. I wish to Serve my Lord in whatever way is given to me. They accept the situation, the circumstances of its existence, the boundaries and road blocks inherent in any possible solution; then bring about the best possible outcome for everyone. All without guilt, shame, or thought of self. It is equivalent to the big bang-the birthing of the universe. While on the other hand, one who considers themselves a slave to circumstances feels powerless, is ‘Why Me?-ing”, and thinking that they are being punished by God or their karma.

The way to determine if a group is creating from the feminine prospective is by its structure. This structure begins with a leader whose interest is to serve the group as facilitator and final authority. While the leader does take her turn during the input portion of the event, she will base all her decisions on bringing about the best possible outcome. The members of the feminine planning group will each be a different perspective; such as safety, fairness, consideration, financial, generosity, etc.  The idea or problem will be the center of the discussion. In this way the idea is attacked, not any member of the planning group. Each will submit their questions or concerns regarding the plan in place. The plan will be adjusted accordingly to fulfill the need or concern mentioned. No person has to change or compromise their ideals, because the plan will adjust to fit every need. Each person’s ideas and concerns are valid. Thus, the proper balances like fair but safe and ecologically responsible but also financially sound can be incorporated into the plan. Feminine groups also evaluate the outcomes of their creations. Were the balances correct for this situation? Since a masculine outcome is concrete from the beginning, the only evaluation possible is pass or fail.

There are common steps that creators of the feminine way take to bring about their creations. The first and most obvious step is to define the problem or issue. Many times we see just the symptoms and do not dig far enough into the situation to see the real problem. So this first step should be given its proper due. Rushing through will only create a greater problem.

The second step is to evaluate all the possible resources you have. Here too, many things that are available to use are missed because we rush through this process. Requirements need to be broken down into their most basic components like non porous, strong, flexible. Then we see that there are many options that can fulfill our needs. The hem of a dress can become a bandage, a tie, a flag, a sling, etc. In the movie Apollo 13 every item available for creating a breathing system was thrown out on a table for engineers to see. Jesus speaks of the Lilies of the fields. Everything is provided. We just have to open our eyes to see.

The third step is to research. Libraries and books are not the only sources available to us. Other people who have been in your same situation can be invaluable. The internet is now the way to communicate with people from all over the globe.

The fourth step is to brainstorm all the possible combinations of the current resources that would fulfill a desirable outcome. Here is where true creativity shines. The Apollo engineers used the plastic bag that contained a garment as a vital piece to their solution that saved the astronauts lives.

The fifth step is to build or put together your idea. Here is where the feminine leader’s work begins.  Once a plan is in motion, it is the leader’s job to coordinate all communication between the parties and herd everyone in the same direction, hopefully on the same road. Art department needs to know the purpose and focus of work needed. Safety department needs to know what activities and materials will be in use so they can formulate guidelines and emergency strategies. All changes of direction need to be not only announced to everyone but also give an explanation why. This way everyone stays on the band wagon and focused on creating a solution instead of breaking down in to petty turf wars or even worse falling into a hole of despair.

The sixth step is to test your creation. Evaluate the effectiveness of the solution. Did it work? What would you do again? What would you change for next time?

And God creates from the male and female prospective, and it is good.


My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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2 comments on “Creation from the Feminine Point of View: Bringing Forth the Best Possible Outcome
  1. You have written a good post. To me it has some Taoist elements the Ying and yang. I do not know much about Carl Jung other than he was a Swiss psychologist that studdied religions and put forward the theory you are basing your page on. I like many of the points you made.
    Please let me know if you had the Ying and Yang in mind when you wrote it.

    • jesuswedding says:

      Actually yes, the Yin Yang is very much a part of my philosophy. I have studied Taoism, Zen, and Tibetan Buddhism along with the Christian and Islamic traditions. I have practiced Buddhist meditation for many years.

      Carl Jung’s based his philosophy solely on the idea that everyone is animus-based personality or has an ego. (Yang)

      I am expanding upon Jung’s work to include the anima-based personality, which is egoless. (Yin)

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