Playing in the Mystical Chemistry Set

It is important to understand the benefits and dangers of playing with the Divine Energies of Fire/Kundalini/Red Dragon and Water/Grace/White Dragon. Both powers kill or heal depending on the situation and the personality type of the initiate.

Every spiritual system I have studied has an exoteric (outer path) and esoteric path (inner or mystical path). These paths are mutually exclusive and are traversed one at a time. Each path concentrates on one of the Divine Energies. The Grail or Virgin Path moves from the crown chakra to the base chakra and works with the Divine Masculine Power of Water/Grace. The Apprentice or Alchemy Path moves from the base chakra to the crown chakra and works with the Divine Feminine Power of Passion/Kundalini.

Catholicism, Islam, Buddhism, Zen, and Taoism are Virgin Path religions and follow the chakra system from the crown to the base, as the exoteric or first leg of the spiritual journey. Once you have been transfigured or enlightened you then have an immaculate conception or a vision of your purpose in life. The Passion or Kundalini then rises up to give you the power to climb up the mountain and complete your mission. This path benefits the creative or anima-based personality type.

Freemasonry, Protestant Christian, Sufism, Hindu, and the Alchemy Systems are Apprentice Path religions and follow the chakra system from the base to the crown, as the exoteric or first leg of the spiritual journey. Once you have emptied the soul of all ego then you are ready to receive the light or Grace, which creates the Holy Grail and ultimately the Cosmic Egg. This path benefits the intellectual or animus-based personality type.

I can only assume that time and experimentation taught the ancient masters that this is the safest way to wholeness or Holiness.

Please note: It is not possible for both energies to run simultaneously. It would be like mixing ammonia and bleach, a very toxic mixture to say the least. We see the devastating results of this type of mixing and matching in the myths and parables like The Rape of Medusa and Plato’s Atlantis.

Complete enlightenment requires that the person follow the both paths and move both up and down the chakras. Otherwise you are only halfway home or half-baked. It is these half-baked people who think that everyone should follow the exact same way that they found attainment that creates the most trouble in the world.

Here is the kicker. Some religions consider the top down or Virgin Path as esoteric and others consider the bottom up or Apprentice Path as esoteric. Each person must walk these two paths in the correct order for their personality to have a beneficial spiritual experience.

Once both paths have been followed to their ends and the Divine Energies are balanced, there is no path. There is no duality.

Everything is just ONE.

In the overall view, there is no wrong religion or spiritual practice. All paths are valid ways to unite with the Divine.


Each person must understand that there are practices that are wrong for their personality type.

The Road Runs Both Ways.

Know Thyself.

My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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7 comments on “Playing in the Mystical Chemistry Set
  1. Stephanie Jill Rudd says:

    Like the Kabbalah it is ever flowing up and down the sefirot.

  2. 911visa says:

    Amazing article thanks for sharing.

  3. Everything is One, and no way is right or wrong.. ..
    We have perceived much .. and wrongly so.. and I like your post.. Sacred Geometry is there for all of us to see.. and yet we are often indoctrinated via our upbringing and various beliefs systems, each one holds truth, but its how that truth has been distorted throughout history. So that many say there way is the only way.. when in fact there is no right or wrong way as you say..
    And if a man had never heard of the word ‘God’ it would not change the Devine existence to eternity.. for we are all of us eternal Beings. here for the experience.. Thank you for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctury, I hope you find subjects of interest within my posts.

    • jesuswedding says:

      I enjoy finding a like mind out in the sea of consciousness myself.

      It just fascinates me as to how simple concepts have evolved over history. Not to mention that every culture expresses all the exact same elements that point to the exact same thing – The One.

      Blessing to you!

      • Yes Exactly.. I can see we hold many similar views and many more are starting to look ‘outside’ their own narrow boxes at last.
        Blessings ~Sue

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