How will Jungian Theory effect Biblical Interpretation?

How will the Jungian idea, which states that the inner being or soul has both masculine and feminine qualities, change the interpretation of Jesus’ message?

For most Christians, it is the resurrection of Christ that exemplifies the spiritual quest. We are taught that the dying to self is the fundamental component of spiritual purity. The way to ascend into heaven is to work through all personal issues and fears. Most notably, all this must come First, before any hope of heaven can be glimpsed. Then the spirit is connected with a heavenly guide and reborn. This system or Way holds true for the masculine or the animus-based personalities.

All spiritual systems are products of evolution and change. New ideas and philosophies are layered upon the previous philosophy. The Hero’s Quest philosophy of Mesopotamia, contained in the oldest known myth Gilgamesh, still rules many of today’s interpretations of biblical scripture.

The 5000 year old premise is that the soul is feminine and divine, while the body (flesh) is masculine and sinful. This is the Way of Passion/Kundalini or the Way of the King.

However when you read the Gospels, the resurrection was the final act of Jesus’ spiritual journey.

Most theologians miss this very obvious fact.

The New Testament tells us that the spiritual journey begins with a young maiden, a Virgin. She lives at a time when she and her people are subjects of Rome. The only way to avert the fear and bleakness of her situation is through the innocence of Hope. A Hope that God the Father will provide a messiah. A messenger of the Lord comes to Mary and tells her she is blessed among women. She has been chosen to give birth to God’s son. He will work within the world as the Prince of Peace.

This is the Way of Grace, Way of the Virgin, the feminine, or the anima-based personality.

Creative ideas and concepts mysteriously come to those who are empty. Such concepts are God given, come from above, or are egoless, which makes them pure or immaculate. All is given. Work is not required and actually counter productive in this system. Once the idea becomes one’s life purpose, all will be endured to insure that the project, the message, or the concept will continue to live. There is nothing that can stop the completion of the mission, including death.

What will we discover when it becomes widely accepted that the inner being is composed of both the masculine and the feminine?

We will find that the road to the divine runs both ways.

That is the Good News!

My book, "Jesus' Wedding: A Peek into the Inner World Shrouded behind the Mystical Veil," will detail this universal system that explains all myth and spiritual symbol. It is planned to debut in December 2012. You are welcome to view the excerpts, models, and and photographs that are currently available on my website.

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