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The Animated Model

This 3D model was assembled from the elements of every belief system to create an easily understood representation that explains the mystical experience. By following this model, it is possible to draw the deepest meanings from the symbols and metaphorical

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Have You Ever Noticed the Role Reversals of Both Joseph and Mary in the Nativity Story?

It seems that both parents of Jesus were quite radical. The society that Mary and Joseph lived was completely legislated. There were rules and laws for everything. The atmosphere of judgement was so thick that most Jews of the time

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Medusa and John the Baptist: Could there be a Connection?

There have been all kinds of speculation about the severed head that was reportedly used in Templar rituals. Many have linked this head with John the Baptist. Why would any group worship such a gruesome relic? It seems to me

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Was Mary Magdalene a Penitent? NO! . . . well maybe if you look at it like that.

As with everything in life, the point of view is critical. Four people standing on the four corners of an intersection will not see the same thing when viewing a car wreck that happens with in that intersection.  Something that

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Jesus did not marry because He was a “Shetukhi” or Silent One

We have all heard about the new discovery of the fragment of papyrus that references Jesus’ wife. Many have asked why wouldn’t Jesus be a married man? Then, go on to imagine that the only person mentioned in the Bible

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Holy Spirit vs. The Dual Powers of Grace and Passion

I have always contemplated the Holy Spirit as something above the dual natures of Grace/Light/Reiki (Energy of The Father or The Sky) and Passion/Blood/Kundalini (Energy of The Mother or The Earth or Ground). While Grace and Passion can either kill

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