Are Esoteric Teachings Missing from Christianity?


 In the television program Myths of Mankind – The Gnostic Origins of Christianity (Timestamp 43:12-43:54), Elaine Pagels PhD of Princeton University is quoted as saying,

“Every great world religious tradition whether its Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism has both the teaching for everyone, exoteric teaching, which every adherent of that faith is supposed to follow and esoteric or mystical teaching. The only one that lacks that is western Christianity. I think it is unfortunate that that which many people find necessary for their own integrity and development has been regarded as either heretical or a path leading nowhere.”

When I posed the idea that Christianity does not have an esoteric teaching to several of my spiritual friends, they did not agree with Dr. Pagels’ conclusions.

In my opinion, Christianity is the only tradition that openly celebrates both spiritual paths. I can agree that there is no secret teaching, because both spiritual paths are out in the open for everyone to see. However, by definition, the esoteric teaching is the second leg of the spiritual journey. The esoteric teaching does not have to be “secret” in order to maintain its mystery. The mystery of the esoteric path can only be revealed when the exoteric path or first leg of the spiritual journey is fully completed.

Christmas celebrates the enlightenment of the feminine or creative personality. The Divine Power of Grace comes down from the heavens into the consciousness as an experience of birth of the Divine Masculine, which includes the qualities of peace, organization, and logical/linear thought.

Easter celebrates the expansion of the masculine or intellectual personality. The Divine Power of Passion/Kundalini rises up to facilitate the shedding of ego and the emergence of the Divine Feminine, which includes the qualities of creativity, the interconnectedness of life, and the grand design of the cosmos.

These two paths, the Birth of the Divine within the soul and the Death of the Ego, are the two paths that make up the complete spiritual journey in every sacred tradition throughout time. These paths must be traveled to their completion one after another. Every master of the sacred arts, from every tradition that I have ever read, has insisted that an adherent must choose one path and follow it to its completion, then follow the second path. Only those who complete of both paths gain full conscious awareness. Since the Divine Energies annihilate each other, jumping back and forth between the paths leads only to suffering and disillusion.

Either path can be considered exoteric or esoteric. The designation of “exoteric” and “esoteric” is determined by which path is completed first and which is pursued second.

Are Isis and the Virgin Mary really the same?

Isis Nursing Horus

Isis Nursing Horus (Photo credit: Jeff Kubina)

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most ven...

The Theotokos of Vladimir, one of the most venerated of Orthodox Christian icons of the Virgin Mary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











It is very common for those who look back into the ancient record to correlate the virgin birth of Horus by the Egyptian Goddess Isis with the virgin birth of Jesus by the Virgin Mary. I have to admit that the depictions of these two women with a male babe suckling at the breast is quite convincing. However, we must understand that the stories told of these two women are myths.

A myth is a metaphorical description of the spiritual journey, a holy archetype, or a spiritual principle.

As you will see, the archetype of the Virgin Mary is very different from the archetype of Isis. The only similarity between these two myths is the virgin birth of a male child. There are big differences in what that male child grows up to become.

We cannot fixate on just one part of any myth. We must look at the whole story to get the proper meaning that was set down by the creator of the story.

When we look at the earlier tale of Isis, we see a goddess who is one of four siblings and is married her brother Osiris. In myth, the king and queen are symbolic of the masculine and feminine principles in the psyche. Osiris was a good king. He brought order, understanding, and prosperity to his people. Osiris brought organization and learning through the structures of education and agriculture.

Set, the other brother, was jealous of Osiris so on multiple occasions carried out plots to kill his brother Osiris. On one occasion, Set tricked Osiris into getting into a coffin. Once Osiris was in the box with the lid closed, Set locked the box and threw it into the river Nile. Isis had to look throughout the kingdom and eventually found Osiris and rescued him. Set then again tried to kill his brother by cutting Osiris into many pieces. Again Isis had to journey around the kingdom, this time collecting all the dismembered parts.

What is this part of Isis’ story telling us?

It is telling us that Set, who is the god of violence, chaos, and the red desert, has kidnapped or dismembered the beneficial structures in the psyche. Isis the creative aspect of the psyche becomes powerless without structure. In desperation, she must collect the pieces of her consort so that the order of the cosmos can be restored. We see this in our lives when a disaster strikes.

The destruction of ALL inner structures takes place when The Passion, aka: The Kundalini, is activated.

 When The Passion surges upward, all the order we relied upon or had created disappears. Like a raging forest fire, The Passion does not burn just the diseased or broken trees. It burns everything. The unnecessary, the harmful, and the beneficial are all destroyed. A creative personality considers this to be a disastrous event, because all the structures within a creative’s psyche are self-created to bring grounding, organization, time management, and logic into their world.

In the aftermath we can wallow in the misery of, “Why me?” or we can piece our life back together. As we piece things back together, order is slowly restored. The masculine principle of organization and order is magically born anew within the psyche. We have to remember that Isis does not find the phallus in her search for Osiris’ dismembered pieces. So, the conception of the new masculine principle does not come from any type of physical intercourse. The story tells us that the male child born to Isis becomes a king or Pharaoh of Egypt who when grown, smites the evil Set. This is the birth of the God Given Mission. Many organizations have been founded to help others who experienced a trauma and to prevent such incidents from happening again. MADD and the Pink Ribbon campaign for Breast Cancer Awareness are just a couple of examples. Many organizations and trust funds have been founded due to one person’s tragedy.

Who was the cracked up female archetype that is associated with Jesus? I can give you a hint. It wasn’t the Virgin Mary.

The Virgin Mary has a completely different experience. She is an unmarried maiden who out of the blue is told that she will bear a son. There was no preparation. There was no violence. There was no sin. We see that the birth of the male principle into consciousness is a natural part of spiritual journey for creative personalities. When the birth of organization takes place, a peace flows throughout the soul and it is possible to see the joy of all things in the world. The male child (I like to call this the Animus, but my psychologist friends do not consider this to be a correct definition of this Jungian term.) born to the Virgin Mary is the Prince of Peace, a spiritual master, or messiah.

Male Dominated Religion?

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, face detail of God. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I wonder why it is assumed that the religions of Abraham are considered male dominated religions. Women claim that the worship and structure within these religions are derogatory and psychologically harmful. The only substantiation for this claim is based on the fact that the supreme deity is male.

We must look to the universal spiritual model to see the whole truth.

In ancient times, people worshipped the divine as a duality. The masculine godhead or Divine Masculine was the metaphorical symbol for the Power of Grace, Light, Reiki, or Intellect, which was the blessing or curse of Father Sky. The feminine godhead or Divine Feminine was the metaphorical symbol for the Power of Passion, Kundalini, or Fire, which was the blessing or curse of Mother Earth.

It was further believed that men were naturally imbued with the masculine qualities of intellect at birth, while women were naturally imbued with the feminine qualities of passion or emotion.

Here is the main tenant of the dual religions:

In order for spiritual wholeness or enlightenment to occur, the adherent must cleanse the inner spiritual system with the Divine Energy that is opposite to the innate energy. This brings balance to the spiritual energies.

So a man, who was considered filled with Grace from birth, must initiate the rise of the Divine Feminine or Kundalini in order to bring oneself to wholeness or holiness.

However, a woman who was considered filled with Passion/Kundalini from birth, must empower the fall of the Divine Masculine or Grace in order to bring oneself to enlightenment.

So when we look at the complete picture, it reveals that spiritual systems that designate the divine to be masculine are systems that give the greatest spiritual benefit to those who have an abundance of Passion, Kundalini, or Fire. In ancient times these practices were reserved for women, especially those who were virgin priestesses.

However, psychology has gotten much more sophisticated in recent times with the advent of Myers-Briggs and other personality typing formulas. We no longer categorized personality types by body style. We have learned that the mind designates the style of practice that best fits an adherent. 2/3 of women and 1/3 of men fall into the category of feminine, creative, right-brained, or anima-based personality.

So, does a “male dominated religion” really run against the grain of most women?

The answer is: no.

In actuality, it is the masculine or animus-based personalities who should rebel against this spiritual system.

We find that Grace-based religion emasculates or enslaves those who have an abundance of Grace, Light, Reiki, or Intellect. These are the masculine, intellectual, left-brained, animus-based personalities. 2/3 of men and 1/3 of women fall into this category.

Why the Greeks Killed Socrates

The Death of Socrates

In the book The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche, H. L. Menchen does a complete synopsis of Nietzsche’s philosophy and lifetime of work. It seems that Nietzsche worked through the paradox of the Greek civilization and their creation of and their fascination with the dramatic tragedy in his book titled, Dionysus versus Apollo.

Apollo was the god of all art that was essentially contemplative and subjective, which is a correct representation of the Divine Energy of Grace. Bacchus Dionysus was the god of ecstasy and frenzy, which is a correct representation of the Divine Energy of Passion/Kundalini. Nietzsche claims that the Greeks swung from one side to the other throughout their history. I am not sure that this is true.

The Greek Tragedy is a story of purpose, destiny, or predestination.  The hero of the story realizes his Divine Purpose and then risks all to complete that task. In the ancient Greek culture, art, music, literature and later theater were considered the highest forms of sophistication and knowledge. These are the typical ideals of a Grace-based society.

All Art = Channeled Emotion

Art is all about feeling

The whole idea of art is to invoke a particular emotion using the parameters of a single art form. Sculpture cannot move, but the greatest art implies movement. Painting is done on a two dimensional medium, but the greatest art gives the illusion of three dimensions. Music must use voice or instruments. Dance is as much athletic as it is beautiful. Dramatic speaking was a required art form taught to all male aristocrats. The list goes on and on. All these elements are combined in theater where backdrops are painted, dancing and musical accompaniment is used to dramatize moments, and actors make dramatic speeches to demonstrate a story.  At the time of Socrates, Nietzsche claims the Greek culture was in one of these Apollo, artistic, or Grace-based periods in history.

Socrates was a classic Passion-based philosopher, which basically meant he was a bull in a china shop.

All Philosophy = Channeled Intellect

Philosophy is all about thinking.

The whole idea of philosophy is to invoke thinking. Deep questioning of why you do and believe such things? All thoughts must follow a linear pattern and come to a conclusion. Paradox or circular thinking is not allowed. Socrates not only questioned every fiber of the human existence, but verbally attacked everyone, including the high-powered elite, with questions concerning personal and social values and perceptions. Socrates’ whole premise was to emotionally unbalance all those who crossed his path.

He was a filthy man and shunned all the trappings of art, culture, and literature at a time when society idealized such things. He preached simplicity and the renunciation of all things, because the world was bad. Socrates considered this life a curse, while the Greek society worshipped life complete with all its trials.

Here is where the philosophy of the society clashes with the philosophy of the philosopher. These two basic philosophical styles cannot coexist without divine understanding by all parties. Due to the opposing and annihilating nature of the Divine Energies, issues and negative perceptions run rampant when societies and individuals of the different philosophical styles interact without the understanding of the universal dualistic spiritual nature of man.

Grace-based philosophers and their philosophies threaten Passion-based societies and personalities, because the pre-mature influx of Grace washes away all the hard earned Divine Energy of Passion from the spiritual system. This fundamental truth is fully demonstrated in Plato’s story of Atlantis.

Passion-based philosophers and their philosophies threaten Grace-based societies and personalities because the pre-mature influx of Passion kills the spiritual “fetus” that is growing within the soul. The loss of the previously accumulated Divine Energy of Grace, creates a hate-filled demonic being that is bent on death and destruction. This fundamental truth is fully demonstrated in the myths of Medusa, Kali, Pele, and Sekhmet.

Just as the Pharisees, a Passion-based society, condemned Jesus, a Grace-based philosopher to death and turned him over to the state to be crucified, so too did the Greeks, a Grace-based society, condemn and kill Socrates, a Passion-based philosopher.

What snakes did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King o...

St. Patrick preaches to the Celtic High King of Ireland. Stained glass, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Macon, GA. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The tale of St. Patrick driving all the snakes out of Ireland is quite a mystery. Zoologists claim that snakes were never in Ireland.

So, what snakes could St. Patrick have driven out?

We know that St. Patrick converted the native Celtic culture. We can determine that the Druids practiced a Passion-based spiritual system that strives to raise the Passion/Kundalini. They sacrificed animals and maybe even people. They participated in mass rituals of a sexual nature. They worshiped the sun. Grace was the culmination of their practices – the harvest of the mistletoe, which had white berries.

The snake is the main symbol for the Divine Power of Passion/Kundalini. It represents both the divine energy and the mindset that accepts and bases the teachings and practices around the Divine Power of Passion.

So, the snakes that St. Patrick drove out were the rituals and teachings of the Druids that permeated the Celtic society..

The Rapture: Is it real? When does it occur?

English: An etching by Jan Luyken illustrating...

I have been watching YouTube videos of Dr. Michael Heiser’s lessons on The Rapture. They are very informative. I did not know that there are so many theories concerning this event. I must commend Dr. Heiser for his non-committal to any one theory. As he says, all of them may be right. This is the true answer.

It seems that The Rapture consists of 3 parts: The Rapture itself, the Tribulation, and the Second Coming of Christ. It is the order of these elements that composes the different theories surrounding The Rapture.

Both The Apocalypse and The Rapture are meditative experiences, period.

Both are metaphorical, not physical.  Only those who have reached a certain level of prayer or meditation will experience The Rapture and/or The Apocalypse.

I’m sorry, but at no time will anyone physically disappear from the earth. There will not be a mass disappearance of the population causing numerous accidents all over the globe and it does not matter if Solomon’s Temple is reclaimed and physically rebuilt in Jerusalem.

Here is why.

The universal model of spiritual attainment contains 2 distinct paths that are mirror images of each other.

The Anima-based personality – Birth of the Spiritual Being  AKA: The Grail Path, The Virgin’s Path, The Way of Grace

This path begins at the crown chakra. Once the crown chakra is opened, Grace then flows down into the inner sanctum slowly cleansing the inner being or soul. Once the soul is fully cleansed and full of Grace, the divine gives the purpose of one’s life. This is known as the Immaculate Conception. The average time it takes for Grace to cleanse the soul is 20-30 years. Once the task is accepted the root chakra opens to allow Passion/Kundalini to rise up through the soul and give the adherent the power to accomplish this given and accepted task. The full attainment of Passion happens within “A twinkling of the eye,” because the inner being is totally empty, like a womb. At this point, nothing and no one can stop the adherent from accomplishing this task, not even death. This is why martyrdom was so prized in ancient times.

In this scenario, there is no Tribulation and the spirit is not broken. The soul grows slowly over time like a mustard seed in the earth of the womb. While the person will encounter hardships and setbacks on the road to accomplishing their task, they will have all the Grace and Passion they need to accomplish their divine mission. The Rapture and the Second Coming of Christ are one and the same event. If there has to be a separate Rapture event, I would have to say that it occurs after the death of the body. Elisha, Jesus, and Mother/Virgin Mary were all documented cases of people seeing the spirit rise to the heavens.

The Animus-based personality – Death of the Ego  AKA: The Path of the King, The Hero’s Journey, The Way of Passion/Kundalini

This path begins at the base chakra. Once the base chakra opens, Passion or Kundalini then flows up into the inner sanctum, slowly burning away the ego that has built up within the soul. This process is very stressful for the individual, both mentally and physically. It feels like everything you know and love dies. The Book of Job gives the full expression of not just the inner events but also the common reactions of those who are friends and spouses. This suffering is The Tribulation. The average time it takes for the Passion to burn off the entire ego is 7-10 years. When the Ego is fully gone, Passion burns open the crown chakra.

At this point, the spirit rises into the heavens and meets Jesus in the air. (The Rapture) Jesus is the Prince of Peace, which is an attribute of Grace.  Grace then pours into the hollowed out tomb, blessing the soul and forgiving all sin. The process of blessing and forgiving gives birth or new life to the inner spiritual being, or rebuilds the Temple of God. It takes on average 10-15 years to rebuild inner spiritual being or in the case of Job, grow a new family.

In this scenario, the Tribulation is fully experienced. All who go through this process are grateful for all the trials that show them the error of their ways. The Tomb can only be carved out through this process. You will know them by the fruit of their spirits: ability to forgive and to serve.

The only possibility for The Rapture to happen half way through the Tribulation is to completely drop the Ego in one swoop. There has to be a significant incident in one’s life for this to happen. This incident can be either a random horrific occurrence or an artificially created ritualistic event. (The Evangelical Hell Houses and the Freemason initiation with the noose around the neck come to mind.) The mind cannot tell the difference between real and created.

Please explain what you mean by Esoteric.

In the last post, it was important to understand the nature of the twin or dual spiritual paths* in order to interpret the deepest meaning of the parable. It is important to comprehend that both paths are legitimate ways of spiritual development. The psychological makeup of the seeker determines which path will bring about the beneficial result of psychological and spiritual enhancement.

* The dual or twin paths are:

The Way of Grace, Grail Path, or Virgin Path – Grace or Water is fully integrated followed by the rising up of Passion/Kundalini or Fire


The Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King – Passion/Kundalini or Fire fully burns off the ego followed by the falling of Grace or Water

Notice that the twin paths are mirror images of each other. They use the same two energies, but incorporate them in a different order.

The exoteric or outer path is always the first path in the series. This is the path of the masses. Once an adherent has completed this path, then and only then are they allowed to walk the esoteric or inner path.

This is why only an accomplished knight (Warrior) was allowed to seek the Grail or follow the Grail path. Yet, the Grail Path is also the Virgin Path or Way of Grace.

So, here is the dilemma. The exoteric path of the King/Warrior is the esoteric path Virgin/Grail.  AND the exoteric path of the Virgin/Grail is the esoteric path of the King/Warrior.

So just saying that you are following an esoteric path tells me nothing, because in this case the first is last and the last is first.

Fire from Water: The Way of the True God According to Elijah

Elijah window

In I Kings chapter 18 Elijah, the only prophet left of YHWH, lit a sacrificial alter with water. The scientists have worked out how Elijah made fire from water, but understanding the physics of this act does not give the deepest meaning this story was meant to provide.

It seems to me that the Old Testament, when viewed from an overall perspective, is a description of the spiritual system. The walls of Jericho symbolize the entrenchment of ego. The battles for the Promised Land are the struggles we have with personal issues once the ego has collapsed. What could be the meaning of Elijah creating fire coming from water?

Elijah is a prophet. He knows and understands the spiritual system. The spiritual system requires that a person choose a path* and follow it to completion. Since the twin paths annihilate each other, swinging back and forth between the two paths leads to a confusion that makes it impossible for anyone to find salvation or enlightenment.

Elijah is trying to make a point to the people of Israel. The Israelites have strayed from the teachings of Moses and are now worshipping Baal and Asherah alongside YHWH. These two systems of worship are not compatible and this is what upsets Elijah. So he proposes a “contest between the gods” so the people can choose which god they will follow.

Each group is to build an alter to their god, place an ox upon it, and ask their respective god to light the sacrificial flame. The prophets of Baal and Asherah are unable to make their alter spontaneously alight, after hours of prayers, chanting, ecstatic dancing, and cutting themselves. The priests of Baal are following the precepts of the Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King. The burning of the ego removes the issues from the inner sanctum. When the crown chakra is finally opened, the holy water or Grace falls from the heavens to fill the spiritual system. This path brings salvation or forgiveness.

Elijah then builds his alter and places the ox upon it. What happens next is quite strange. He tells the people to pour water upon the alter. The alter spontaneously bursts into flames and consumes the offering. The people are astonished and declare that the god of Elijah was the god that they would worship from this time on.

What Elijah was demonstrating are the precepts of The Way of Grace, The Grail Path or the Virgin Path. The cleansing of Grace or holy water opens the inner sanctum. When the base chakra is finally opened, the holy fire spontaneously ignites and rises within the spiritual system. This path brings enlightenment.

Now I must say that Elijah had a bit of an advantage. He repaired an alter that had been burnt by the prophets of Baal. Most likely this alter had been originally made of limestone. (burnt limestone = quicklime) He probably dressed the oxen offering in the gold of the gods. (sulfur)  And poured a mixture of water and naphtha, an ancient form of kerosene, over the whole thing.  For those who are not chemistry savy, quicklime + sulfer + napthta = what the ancients call “Automatic Fire.”

* The dual or twin paths are:

The Way of Grace, Grail Path, or Virgin Path – Grace or Water followed by Passion/Kundalini or Fire


The Way of Passion, Warrior Path, or the Path of the King – Passion/Kundalini or Fire followed by Grace or Water

Lucifer vs Satan

Lucifer, by William Blake, for Dante's Inferno...

In pre-Christian times, when the dual nature of the divine was honored, the archetypes of Lucifer and Satan were distinctly different.  The Lucifer archetype was depicted as a man, while the Satan archetype was always depicted as a woman.

In the dualistic methodology, balance is key.

The imbalance or the overload of one energy is what causes the “evil” archetypes.

The Divine Masculine energy is what we call Grace or The Light. This energy is given by or falls from Father Sky. It was believed that all men were naturally endowed with this masculine energy of intellect and logic. Initiating the upward rise of the Divine Feminine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. We see this practice played out in the king’s requirement of  ‘Honoring the Goddess’ in an annual ceremony in ancient times. The king who did not honor the goddess or who did not initiate the Kundalini to rise within his spiritual system was deemed an evil king. The overload of Grace creates the Lucifer archetype of the evil king.

The Divine Feminine energy is what we now call Passion or Kundalini. This energy is given or rises up from Mother Earth. It was believed that all women were naturally endowed with this feminine energy of creativity and emotion. Bringing down the Divine Masculine creates the balance of energies required to attain wholeness, enlightenment, or Holiness. Ancient rituals included marriage to the male godhead as the first step of the spiritual path. (This ceremony is still performed today when a Catholic nun takes her vows.) An overload of Passion or Kundalini creates the Satan archetype. Every culture has a wrathful goddess who rampages and destroys.

When Judaism and later Christianity moved to having only one god, the mechanism of enlightenment for the dual personality types was lost.

This is what created the schism between the apostles of Jesus and the Apostle Paul. Jesus was hailed as the Prince of Peace. Peace is the fruit of Grace. Jesus’ life is an example of the Grail Path, which has the crucifixion and resurrection as the final act. Jesus’ apostles were preaching this system of attainment. (This is why Jesus’ following is known to include and empower both women and slaves at a time when women were no more than property.) Paul on the other hand was teaching that crucifixion or the killing of ego should be the first step along the path of attainment. This appealed to those of the Roman society, which was a warrior culture that worshipped the emperor. This led to the many different interpretations of what Jesus’ life and teaching meant.

In the time of Constantine, all doubt as to Jesus’ message was erased and the Way of the King or Way of Passion was installed as the main edict of Christianity. That means that the purpose of the church was to raise the Kundalini within the systems of all the congregants. Within 100 years of this change, all women were removed from spiritual office, most likely because women become crazed, vengeful, or hopeless when their systems are overloaded with Kundalini. The overall reputation of women becomes one of mistrust and disgust because it was believed that those who were crazed by the initiation rites were filled with so much sin that nothing could save them.

It has taken 2000 years for women to come out of this Dark Age and we are still fighting the war on women to this day.